Best face mask for blackheads and acne

Flawless skin is desired by every woman. However, it is hard to achieve. Issues of acnes and blackheads are mostly seen with the oily skin. Due to persistent nature of this problem, it causes a lot of trouble. Best face mask for blackheads and acne must be utilized on the occasion for effective results.

Due to overload of sebum, hair follicles are blocked and it leads to blackhead in most occasions. Pores are enlarged as a result of accumulating dead skin and sebum. Oxidation happens as the air enters the pore. Outer surface generally become yellow or black on most occasions.

If proper measures are not taken on time then blackhead may grow large. Pores are deepened and opened on the surface. Presence of blackhead can be found on the forehead, nose and chin. It can be noticed on the shoulder, chest and back also.

Face mask for blackheads and acne

To battle with the imperfection on the skin, green mask can be utilized. It is generally made from healthy ingredients. Honey, green clay and lemon are found in this face mask for blackheads and acne on most occasions.

Lot of exfoliating and astringent properties can be found in this mask also. Therefore, pH balance of the skin can be maintained perfectly. Sebaceous gland may not be altered at all with the use of this mask. Deeper penetration can be noticed at the time. As a result, small pores that have been clogged and blackheads can be removed from the skin completely. Issues with the appearance can be resolved with the process too. In addition, the mask is certainly refreshing and anti-inflammatory. Skin disorders like acne can be treated perfectly in the process.

Lymphatic cleansing is possible with the assistance from this face mask. Toxin can be eliminated from the skin completely. Cellular oxygenation can be improved. Signs of aging can be prevented at the same time.

Some amount of lightening property can be found on the occasion too. Balance of melanin can be maintained. Blemishes can be reduced at the same time.  Through use of this mask, moisturized healing can be noticed. Health of the skin can be improved certainly.

Preparing the face mask

Ingredients like green clay and lemon must be mixed in a bowl. Now, some organic honey can be added to the bowl. During this time, some coconut oil can be added also. However, it is an optional thing. If the mixture is too dry then some warm water can be poured also to ensure a perfect texture.


Cleanse your face with warm water at the night. Following to the cleansing process, the mask must be rubbed on the face. More importance must be given to the problematic area like cheeks and t-zone. It is better to avoid the area close to the eye at this time. By using the mask over neck and chest, you may able to get rid of wrinkles also. The mask can be removed after 40 minutes with the help of lukewarm water. Moistening tonic can be applied afterward.


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