Does honey and cinnamon help acne?

Most of teenagers as well as adults suffer from acne issues. Painful acne is quite persistent and itchy at the same time. Solution for acne can be found with medicine. However, it may bring some harsh reaction also. The skin may become dry and patchy. However, natural remedy for acne can be found also. Does honey and cinnamon help acne? It is a question that you may ask yourself on the occasion. Through natural remedies, it may be possible to obtain a clean skin. Mask made from these ingredients can be utilized also. Treatment for acne can be found in this way. Due to soothing nature of this treatment, it can be utilized as cleanser also.

Benefits of using cinnamon and honey over skin


In honey, it is possible to find glucose and fructose which are considered as a form of sugar. Lot of minerals, vitamins, amino acid, enzyme and protein can be found in this sugar also.

For a long time, use of honey has been seen for medical treatment.  Issues like psoriasis, burns, dandruff in addition to fungal infection can be treated with the help of honey.

One of the prime reasons for using cinnamon and honey for acne is its power to get rid of bacteria that has caused inflamed pores.

Several chemical properties such as sugar in honey create pressure over the bacterial cell. As a result, multiplication of these cells cannot be seen. In an acidic environment, it becomes very hard for bacteria to thrive at the same time that can be created with the use of honey over your skin.


Some amount of astringent properties can be found in cinnamon. Pores are reduced and skin may become smooth as a result.

Making a mask with cinnamon and honey

Does honey and cinnamon help acne? If you want an answer of this question then you must use a mask that has been made from cinnamon and honey. By simply leaving the mask over your face for about 30 minutes, beneficial results can be obtained.

For spot treatment, the mask can be utilized also. It can be applied in the acne blemishes as well as pimples. Following steps are used to make the mask.

How to make the mask?

By mixing two spoons of honey and one spoon of cinnamon, a paste is made. It is better to do a patch test before applying the paste on your face. If there is not any itchiness, swelling or redness then you can apply it on acne now. It can be rinsed after 30 minutes with warm water. However, use of too hot water must be avoided.

For the mask, it is always better to use medical grade honey. From the stores for health food, it can be obtained easily. Additives may not be found in this kind of honey. Pure honey is generally utilized at the time. Honey from the local farms can be utilized at the time.

Presence of acne can be eliminated from the skin completely in the process without any doubt.

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