How to enhance skin elasticity?

How to enhance skin elasticity? It is a question that you may ask yourself on several occasions. In order to understand about your skin elasticity, you can do a small test. Small part of skin can be pinched with your finger for some time. Now, you can remove your finger from the location. If the skin comes back to its natural form after few minutes then it is good. However, tainted skin can be noticed some time also. It happens due to loss of your skin elasticity.

From experts, some advice can be obtained to deal with the situation in proper manner.

Collagen and Elasticity

From fibroblasts, protein is produced. Two specific roles are played by the tissues on the occasion. Structure is offered to the skin with the help of collagen when stretchy protein called elastin that is responsible for ensuring skin elasticity.

For the maintenance of youthful skin, both elastin and collagen is necessary. However, different structures are noticed on both the cases. Collagen can offer energy and strength. Distortion of the energy is possible only with extensive force. However, stretching and flexibility of the skin is ensured with elastin.

Collagen can be looked as a form of protein that provides plumpness and volume. Stretch and resilience can be found with elastin.

Due to lack of elasticity, loosening of skin can be noticed in the areas like arms and knees with the age in spite of a great shape.

Causes for losing elasticity

Loss of elastin can be observed with the age. It can be looked as a natural process. Genes may play an important role here. Different elasticity level can be noticed with diverse people. Sun exposure can be held responsible on the occasion. Therefore, it has been advised to apply sunscreen lotion. Relation between skin aging and stress can be noticed also.

Improving skin elasticity

On asking an expert how to enhance skin elasticity, they may offer you following solutions. By boosting collagen, problems can be solved to some extent. However, clinically proven method has not been found out yet.

To maintain elasticity of the skin, strict regime of prevention can be followed. Laser therapist may tell you same time on the occasion. Through skin rejuvenation treatments such as shockwave therapy and sculptra injection, stimulation of collagen is possible. Production of collagen can be started in the process.

Due to loss of collagen, skin may appear thinner. Turgor may be decreased as a result of elastin loss. Studies regarding production of elastin through cosmetic treatment have not been done yet.

However, some procedures can be found that may offer good results in case of elastin regeneration.

Through a process like retinoids, skin can be improved.  Skin tightening process like Utherapy has shown some results also. Skin laxity is addressed through delivery of ultrasound energy within dermis. Better draping of the skin can be noticed certainly with this therapy. However, composition of elastin may not change at the time.

From the list of cosmeceutical products, Defenage can be recommended. Use of peptide is seen on the occasion.


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