Nose Pimple Remedy

Is there a huge pimple on your nose? It is pretty hard to get rid of pimple from any part of your face. Zits are always stubborn. Therefore, lot of time may be required to get rid of the pimple. If there is a pimple on your nose then it can be very painful. Pimple on the nose may not look too nice. Photographs clicked during this time may ruin your image completely. Ugly dot over your nose may not create a beautiful snap at all. However, nose pimple remedy can be found that may help you on the occasion.

As a result of tweezing, scratching and pricking, pimple may become bigger and uglier. It is done mostly in cases of desperation. Here are some remedies for nose pimples that may help to get rid of pimple as quickly as possible. Terrifying days can be kept at the bay in the process. Nose pimple may not able to take away all your glory on an important day of your life.

Following nose pimple remedy may work on a single zit. However, it may not be effective enough for an acne prone area that has reached to its highest level.  On such occasions, these remedies may create patches, dryness, itchiness and redness.

Remedy for nose pimple

Lemon Juice

By squeezing some drops of lemon over cotton, it must be placed on the affected area. It can be retained there for about 15 minutes. Later on, you can rinse it with the help of water. The process must be repeated twice in a span of a day.

Due to acidic nature of the lemon, pimple may become dry and clean. It may not be evident in the process from a distance. Fresh lime must be utilized at the time. Effectiveness can be ensured from a bottled juice also

  • Caution

If you have a sensitive skin then you must not apply the lemon juice before going out in the sun.


In a washcloth, some of the ice cubes can be crushed and placed. Now, it can be placed on your pimple over the nose for about 20 minutes.  Same nose pimple remedy can be repeated after few hours also. Through the process, reduction of inflammation can be observed. Chances of swelling can be eliminated also. Gradually, you may notice that pimple size has been reducing.

Tea Tree Oil

Mere one or two drops of tea tree oil may be required on the occasion. Tea tree oil must be applied on pimple. Some oil can be placed around the area also. This nose pimple remedy must be applied for about 10 minutes before rinsing it with the water.

On the occasion, creams and ointment with tea tree oil can be utilized also. 5% of the tea tree oil within the cream may be enough. Zit on the nose may be cleared in due course. It is better to apply this remedy for minimum thrice a day.

Tea tree oil is mild yet effective agent that helps to eliminate the acne. Lots of anti-microbial elements can be found in them which help to prevent scars following to elimination of acne.


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