Things to know about Sliding Genioplasty or Chin Enhancement Process

Slim waist, fuller lips and defined jaw are desired by most of the men and women to look good. For achieving these features in your face, easy procedures can be found. By taking assistance from a plastic surgeon, it may be possible to get a perfect profile. Lots of procedures for chin enhancement can be located. By using a procedure called sliding genioplasty, it is possible to deal with the weak chin. It is one of the less common procedures for the purpose of chin enhancement. Still, benefit of this procedure cannot be overlooked.

In order to get a perfect chin, generally utilization of chin implant techniques can be noticed. These processes are quite popular among the plastic surgeon. In the year 2016, more than 16,000 have gone through mentoplasty. Boost in the number of chin enhancement procedure has been noticed certainly in the last few years.

In case of severe condition of chin, sliding genioplasty is recommended by doctors. Dramatic results can be obtained from the process.


Generally, sliding genioplasty is looked as a procedure that ensures a perfect cut of the chin bone. Reposition of the chin bone can be done in this method too. In most occasions, bone is shifted forward in order to offer a defined look. Some things can be removed from the skin at the time also.

Extreme cases are usually treated with the help of this procedure. More projection can be guaranteed through a prominent chin. Facial symmetry can be made bolder further. Balanced profile can be obtained without much hassle. Up to 8mm in average, chin can be advanced.

Enlargement of chin is done some time with this chin enhancement technique. Appearance of the chin may become larger in due course. Lips can be projected in better manner at the same time. However, same technique can be utilized for chin reduction as well. Use of titanium screw can be noticed in most occasions to hold the chin in its proper place. It can be either forward or backward.

The technique of sliding genioplasty can be looked as a part of osseous genioplasty. Human skeleton is altered through the process. Facial appearance can be changed drastically to improve symmetry of the face further.

How it is done and the recovery method

Under general anesthesia, chin enhancement process like this is performed. It is always better to get a plastic surgeon with board certification on the occasion. Maxillofacial and oral surgeons are performing it now-a-days.  They are specialized with the soft tissues, jaw and hard surfaces. Sliding genioplasty is an in-depth surgery. However, it may not offer something more than others in due course.

Through procedure of outpatient nature, these surgeries can be done. It takes about an hour. Following to anesthesia, incision is made within the mouth. Gum line or lower lip can be chosen for the purpose also. Later on, chin bone is positioned according to requirement. Cosmetic goals can be achieved with the process. Little bit swelling or bruises can be noticed after the surgery. However, there is nothing to be alarmed.


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