Tips to Strengthen Your Nails

If you want to showcase your nails in best possible way with the help of nail art then you have to strengthen your nails at the very beginning. It is always better to have a good base. By following tips below, you can be benefitted on the occasion.

Gloves must be worn while cleaning dishes

Household chores cannot be avoided ever. During household work, you have to use hand in most occasion. It may become quite dirty. Hands are exposed to the water for an indefinite amount of time. Dealing with the dishes may be more difficult for the hand. In order to protect the hand, you must wear a rubber gloves. More water is always soaked by fingernails in comparison to your skin. Lots of strains fall on the hand while cleaning and washing. Cells of nails are quite delicate. Therefore, it has to be protected in proper manner. Nails are weakened and softened due to lot of interaction with the water.

Use nail polish

Fingernails can be protected with the help of nail polish. Cells of nails can be secured in the process. It is better to avoid certain chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and toluene while using a nail polish. Base coat and top coat must not be eliminated in any given occasion. Two layers can be added over the nail in the process.

Acetone filled Removers must not be utilized

Protection to your fingernail can be provided through nail polish. However, you must not repaint and paint the nails on your whims.  By using the nail polish remover all the time, you may dry out them. Nail polish remover can be looked as an enemy on the occasion. Presence of acetone is found in most of these nail polish removers which may not be good for your nails at all. Therefore, it is better not to use remover in an excess of two times within span of a week.  Remover without acetone must be found from the market.  If there is break or chip in the nails then it is better to avoid an appointment for manicure at least two to four weeks. It is important to strengthen your nails in proper manner every time. Enough amount of time must be invested for the process.

Stay away from hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer may be good enough to kill all the germs in your hand. However, moisture may be stored in your nails as a result also. Therefore, experts have been suggesting body wash that can be found in travel size instead.

Cuticle oil may a cure for you

Protective seal over the nail is offered through cuticle oil.  Due to a break in the nail, increase amount of risk can be noticed. It may cause bacterial infection as well. Therefore, everyone must use cuticle oil. It is especially important for the swimmers. Otherwise, risk of suffering from dry cuticles can be seen. Problems can be eliminated during exercise in pool with a combination of cuticle oil and nail polish easily.

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