Types of Acne Scars and How to prevent acne scars

How to prevent acne scar? It may be a question of which you are looking for an answer for a long time. Due to inflammation in the skin, acne scars are generally noticed. Due to excess amount of oil in the skin, pores and follicles may be engorged. Bacteria and dead skin may create an impact on the skin also. In case of swelling pore, damage in the follicle wall can be noticed.

Temporary issues are generally seen with the acne. However, maintenance and treatment method of acne may become troublesome in case of severe acne as a result of hormonal misbalance. Sometime, acne scar can become a permanent mark over the skin.

To repair the skin in proper manner, requirement of fresh collagen fiber can be felt. Both flexibility and strength is offered to the skin through collagen which is a fibrous protein. However, skin may not look similar prior to the injury at any given occasion. Proper amount of healing time may be necessary on the occasion.

Types of acne scars

Due to acne scars, either tissues are lost or gained. Based on this attribute, acne scars are generally separated in two categories.

Four types are generally noticed. They are known as boxcar, ice pick, keloid scar and rolling. Collagen can be held responsible on the occasion as it raises the amount of skin tissues over the surface.

Depressed scars can be noticed as a result of acne also. Development of these scars is generally seen with the loss of tissues. Indentation may be created over the skin also. It is generally acknowledged as ice pick. Small yet deep hole is generally created as a result. Discoloration of the skin can be seen also after acne.


To know how to prevent acne scars, you can take advice from the experts. By using following tips, excellent result can be obtained.

Treating acne soon: If you want to retain your acne under control then treatment must be started as soon as possible. Effective treatment may help to keep the breakout at minimum level. The acne may not become severe. Through prevention of pimples, scars can be avoided.

Reducing inflammation:  In case of inflamed and large skin blemishes, it is quite natural to come across scars in comparison to blackheads and breakouts of non-inflamed nature. Inflammation must be calmed down slowly. Skin must not be irritated at the time.  Due to scrubbing or use certain skin care products, further issues may be observed. Therefore, it must be avoided.

Never squeeze or pick: In case of a pimple, it becomes really hard to resist the process of squeezing or picking. Debris may be inserted deeper on the occasion. As a result, infection may be spread further. It is better to give proper time to the blemish for healing. Worsening effect can be avoided in the process.

Tropical cream: For elimination of acne scars, tropical creams can be utilized. Through an over-the-counter, it can be obtained easily. However, it is always better to take advice from the dermatologists.

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