Use Retinol to reduce your wrinkles

By the beauty experts as well as dermatologists, retinol has been loved due to its various benefits. It is really effective to get rid of wrinkles. Presence of lines and wrinkles may be decreased with the use of retinol. Through various studies, it has been proved that retinol for wrinkles are great in order to boost the amount of collagen and improving the cell count. In case you are still not aware about the use of retinol then you must read this wrinkle to gain your knowledge on the issue. In the beauty industry, preference is given to this ingredient always.


Retinol can be looked as an agent of anti-ageing. Effectiveness of this ingredient cannot be forgotten ever.  Lots of Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and fruit acid can be found in retinol that helps to keep the wrinkles and lines at bay. Firmness of the skin can be brought back with the use of this product as well.

Is Retinol effective?

There is no doubt in the fact that retinol for wrinkles are very effective. Signs of ageing can be dealt perfectly on the occasion too. Issues like sun damage, pigmentation in addition to lines and wrinkles may reduce. It comes with some exfoliating effects as well. As a result, you may able to get a smooth and beautiful skin. Natural glow can be ensured. Reduction of brown spots can be noticed too as retinol has some anti-oxidant properties as well.

Improvement on the level of elasticity and flexibility can be noticed too. Due to regular use of retinol, skin complexion may be brightened also.  On the occasion, tackling of pigmentation and regeneration of melanin may be observed. It is important to use right form of retinol. Therefore, you must look at the list of ingredients minutely.

Can you equate Vitamin A with Retinol?

Type of retinoid is found with retinoid. Experts tell us that retinol is a form of Vitamin A and can be looked as a precursor to the retinoic acid. Transformation of retinoid to retinoic acid happens with the assistance from the body.

Using the retinol

Dryness can be experienced by the skin while using retinol for wrinkles at the beginning. Flaky and redness in the skin can be noticed also. Therefore, it has been advised by the experts to use little amount of retinol first. Interval of about two weeks may be important at the time. Later on, you may able to use the product on daily basis as your level of toleration may be increased.  Adaptability of the skin may be essential at the time. If you do not suffer from any kind of skin sensitivity then percentage of using the cream can be increased further.

Time to use

In order to go in the sun while using retinol, you must use sunscreen with minimum SPF 30. Sunscreen cannot be avoided even with grey or cloudy outside. Retinol can be applied on the skin either on day or night time. Use of this product can be seen according to requirement of body.

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