Cardio Workouts for Beginners

If you are starting out with your exercises to live a healthier life then you must go with the cardio workouts for beginners. It is possible to try out couple of workout plans also. Stamina must be built up to ensure success with the workout regime. Endurance workout with the help of cardio can be tried on the occasion too.

For a person that has never done exercise in life ever can do these workouts easily as it is really simple and easy. In case you have lost touch with your fitness regime then it can be looked as a good option also. Coming back from an illness, you can start with cardio quite naturally.

Following to a break, it is always better to work out in a way that there will be no injury or boredom. Small goals must be considered in the beginning. Later on, you can develop your exercise habit and go for higher goals. Health condition must be taken in to consideration always. By consulting the doctor, you can decide on your program for exercise. In this way, you can also stay active.


Intensity must be monitored always when you are going with the cardio workoutd for beginners. For the monitoring purpose, use of heart rate, exertion scale and talk test can be seen. Based on the fitness level, cardio workout must be decided always. If there is any difficulty while you are doing workout then the process must be stopped immediately. Pace for the workout must be chosen according to your comfort level and maintained throughout the course.

Biking and walking as a part cardio workout for beginners

Either stationary bike or treadmill can be chosen for the workout. Instead of using cardio machine in gym, you can do these activities outside also. Indoor or outdoor workout session may not be important here at all. Instead, you must stick with the plan that has been sketched for you by the expert.

Cardio workout must be done for minimum three days in a week in order to reap its benefit adequately. If you body permits you to perform the workout everyday then it can be done regularly. However, you must not exert yourself beyond your limits ever. So, it is recommended to take a day off in between to give your muscles some rest. It is better to work out for about 30 minutes at a stretch always.

13 minute cardio workout plan with walking

For beginner, walking is looked as a form of perfect cardio. Requirement of equipment may not be felt at the time at all. However, you must invest in a good shoe. Elliptical trainer and treadmill can be chosen on the occasion too.

Before starting strenuous exercise, you must warm up your body through light exercise at a relaxed pace for about 3 minutes. Now, you can increase your speed and work harder. However, you may able to talk perfectly during this time. It can be continued about four minutes. Now, you can reduce the pace. By decreasing the face further, you can cool yourself. Finally, you may do some stretching exercise at the end to ensure flexibility in the muscle.


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