Easy Yoga Poses for Swollen Legs

Due to a clong day at office, lot of walk or long hours of flights, swelling of leg can be experienced.  It is not possible to escape these problems. In case of pain and swelling, you must rest for some time. However, for a complete relief you can obtained with the help of yoga. Little bit of stretching must be done before you start doing yoga poses. Some easy asana can be found for the swollen legs certainly. If you are not able to do the poses at the first go then you must not stress yourself. Help from props can be taken at the time also. There is no doubt in the fact that yoga tests your flexibility level.

Following short and simple yoga poses can be tried for swelled legs. By doing these yoga asana for few minutes, effective results can be obtained. Refreshed and relaxed feeling can be ensured after doing these asanas of yoga.

Shoulderstand that can be supported easily (Viparita Karani)

In the beginning, you must lie down on your back. Feet must be retained on the floor in a firm manner. Hands must be placed on the back. In this position, you must elevate your feet.  Straightening of the feet must be done vertically one after another. To come back to your normal pose once again, feet must be brought back o the floor. Back must be lowered at the time also. Instead of trying any kind of variation, legs must be position towards the wall. Bolster can be placed in your lower back region at the time. Now, you may be ready to leave behind the pose.

Widening of the legs in seating position (Upavistha Konasana)

By seating straight, you must widen up your legs. It is better to extend your leg as much as possible. Palm of the hand must be placed firmly over the floor. In case of discomfort, you can fold your legs. Position of the soles must be perpendicular. Head must be stretched towards the ceiling.

Plow Pose (Halasana)

By lying on the back, legs must be lifted in a slow pace. Now, it must be position back of your hand. In order to give proper support to the back, hands can be utilized. Later on, it can be placed on the floor. On the occasion, feet can be retained on a chair as well. Yoga blocks can be used at the time also that is placed behind you. However, this step must be obtained if you cannot make a contact with the floor. Soft rolling of the spine is essential while you are coming back to the normal pose.

Bound angled position (Baddha Konasana)

Legs must be straightened up as you sit over the floor. Soles must be put together now. It must pull toward your pelvis at this time. However, knees must be on the floor. Feet must be grasped with your hand. During entire time, back must be retained straight.

Above yoga poses are really good for the swollen legs.

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