Is it necessary to drink water during yoga class?

Proper hydration is necessary for the body. Most of the people think that lots of issues can be solved with the consumption of water. Radiant skin can be ensured as the toxins are removed from the body in due course. Energy can be boosted through yoga as well. However, some may ask the question whether one can drink water during practicing yoga.

In reply, you may get an affirmative answer in some occasion and negative answer in some occasion.

During class of hot yoga, water can be consumed as it mainly focuses on the process of detoxification.  In case of a yoga session of quick paced nature, it is quite natural to feel dizzy after some time. Thirst can be felt at the time. Therefore, you can take a sip of water from your bottle quite naturally.

On other occasions, experts may tell you not to drink water during yoga session. If you have drunk some water about an hour ago then need for a sip may not be felt. Hydration level of the body can be maintained at the time without any hassle.

Why you should not drink water in certain yoga session?

  • The activity of drinking water can be looked as a distraction. Focus from the yoga session may be shifted as you take a break to have some water from your bottle. So, you must not use water as an excuse for a break. If you want to relax for sometime then child’ pose can be performed. By taking few breaths in this position, you can calm down yourself.
  • Process of yoga may be interfered due to consumption of water. Through science, these claims cannot be backed. However, a lot of yoga teacher believes in this view. During practice of yoga, heat may be generated within the body for the purpose of cleansing. If you drink water at the time then body may cool down immediately and energy fire may be lost on the way also.

If you do not drink water for about 30 minutes then any issues may not be seen. However, you must hydrate yourself enough before the yoga session. It is better to drink water with the gap of two to three hours at least throughout the day. Just 30 minutes prior to the yoga class, you must sip some water. It is better not to drink water right before the class.

Experts may advice you to drink water in room temperature. It is better to avoid very cold water.

Yoga and Discipline

For yoga session, maintenance of discipline is very important. Body can be self disciplined in the process too. Commitment towards the work can be increased in the process. On the occasion, you may force yourself to perform in better manner. Long term benefit of yoga can be noticed. Desired result can be obtained in this method too.

By following the techniques explained by the experts, you may able to do the asana quite easily. It is better to attend the yoga classes according to the recommendation of expert as well.


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