Recharge yourself with yoga poses for Hiking

Do you love hiking? Through a process like hiking, a new place can be explored. Some fresh air can be inhaled while enjoying beautiful scenery. Life can be experienced completely at the time. Due to a hike for about 4 miles, tiredness can be felt. However, something pleasant about this kind of exertion can be noticed. So, you can do some yoga poses for hiking at this time to relieve tension from your bones and muscles.

Even few minutes of yoga can be considered good enough on the occasion. Unwinding after hiking can be done in the process. Break can be taken in between. Through a regular practice, a habit can be developed. Strength and fitness of the body can be enhanced with the process.

While doing yoga poses for hiking, you must not think too much. If there are others in the location even then you can perform these yoga poses. Complete concentration must be given to your breathing. Body alignment must be maintained at the time also. Reaction of the body movement may play an important role here too.

Yoga poses can be looked as rescue option certainly. Requirement of the mat may not be felt at the time.

Side stretch poses of intense nature (Parsvottanasana)

In a stand up position, you must keep your left leg behind. Stretching of the arms may be necessary at the time also. It is better to place the arms over head with clasping finger. Pointing up position of the finger may be necessary at the time. Chin must be moved towards the chest. Now, right leg must be folded while rounding your back. Floors must be reached with the help of your hands. Legs must be touched by the forehead. Thigh can be stretched in perfect manner as a result in addition to the back. Calming effect on the mind can be noticed at the time also.

Extended Side angled poses (Utthita Parsvakonasana)

By placing your legs apart, an angle of 90 degree must be created with your right foot on the right hand side while left foot can be placed on the left slightly. Bending of the right leg may be necessary at this time as you have to create a 90 degree angle this time also. On the right side, torso must be bent while placing right hand on floor. Left arm must be stretched till the time it has created a single line. Stamina can be improved in the process. Enough amount of stretching can be ensured at the time also. Therefore, yoga poses for hiking can be practiced every day.

Side angled poses of revolving manner (Parivrtta Parsvakonasana)

Feet must be kept length apart. 90 degree angle must be done with right feet. Torso must be rotated at the time while keeping the pelvis on the right hand side. Right knee must be bent till the time thigh has been paralleled with the floor. Now, forward rotation of torso must be seen. Left shoulder can be placed on the frontal side of right knee. By folding the hand, Namaste position must be done with hands.


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