What is Tummy Tuck Drains and how it works?

While searching for diverse procedures related to tummy tucks, you may come across the term called tummy tuck drains. The word drain may not sound goof. However, the device is quite useful. During post operative sessions, necessity of this device is felt mostly. Recovery phase can become faster as a result also. Excellent body structure can be obtained in the process. Flat tummy can be flaunted with pride. Requirement of lot of time may not be seen for this procedure.

So, it may be essential to know what tummy tuck drains are and how it work. It certainly creates an impact on the recovery process. However, standard method can be chosen at the time also which does not need any tummy tuck drains.

Tummy Tuck Drain

Following to a tummy tuck surgery; build up of serous fluid from ruptured vessels of blood that is created out of blood plasma in addition to inflammatory fluid can be noticed. It can be seen especially in muscles and skin. The area can be recognized with the term called dead space.

In this specific place, fluid is collected that may lead to seromas. During procedure of traditional tummy tuck, fluids are extracted from these areas. Through a tube, soft tissue and dead space is connected to flush out the harmful fluid without much hassle.

Tummy Tuck Drains are generally inserted by the surgeons at the end of the surgical process. Silicone is used for the making of these tubes. Little incision may be made over the primary incision at the time.

Extension the drain can be seen till lower abdominal region or the pubic region. Tube may find its way out of the body naturally. At the end of this tube, lemon sized bulb can be noticed. Collected fluid must be removed from the area through little bit of squeezing of these bulbs. Gentle suction can be observed at the time. Harmful fluid is pulled out completely to make you healthy and fit.

Reason to use the drain

One of the prime reasons to use tummy tuck tubes is to decrease accumulation of the serous fluid. Complication of surgical process can be reduced with the process too.

Issues of seroma after the surgery for tummy tuck can be avoided with this method. Due to seroma, serious complication can be seen. It is possible to experience blood drainage, swelling, pain and fever especially.

Some secondary purpose can be noticed with use of drain tubes also. Measurement regarding recovery from the cosmetic surgery can be done in the process to by the surgeon. Conclusions are generally drawn on the basis of fluid build-up that is collected from the lower abdomen region especially.

In case of excessive fluid from the navel, you may come to a conclusion that there is some kind of irritation due to suture close to abdominal wall. Safe recovery may be possible with the help of certified surgeons as they can make adequate conclusion by looking at the fluid. Removal of drain is done when there is not any fluid left in the device.


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