3 Benefits Of Essential Oils

3 Benefits Of Essential Oils

People are surprised to discover the wide range of benefits essential oils have for human health.
Often, the everyday health irritations we suffer from can be greatly helped by essential oils. It’s simply about knowing the right oil for the right problem. That’s why more people than ever before are searching for essential oils for sore throat, essential oils for sinus infection, and tea tree oil for dandruff.
So which oils should you choose? Can they really help? Read on to discover everything you need to know about soothing your sore throat, unblocking your sinuses, or clearing up your scalp, all with essential oils.

Soothing Your Throat With Essential Oils
There are few things more frustrating than a sore throat.
When our throat is sore, our levels of confidence and happiness both suffer. We struggle to speak. Even something as simple as breathing becomes painful.
Sadly, a lot of sore throat medications are wrong for many people. They often contain harsh artificial ingredients which are unnatural for the body and bad for the planet. This can lead to us suffering from our sore throat without any remedy.
Essential oils are a great way to bring relief to your aching throat, naturally. So which should you try, and how can they help?
Peppermint is a great choice. It is able to bring the relief found in products such as menthol lozenges, without the harmful additives. The powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of peppermint make it one of nature’s best medicines for your agonized throat.

Lemon essential oil is also really effective for a sore throat. Think about it. How many mainstream cold and throat remedies contain some form of lemon flavoring? The real thing is even better. When you treat your sore throat with lemon essential oil, you not only benefit from Vitamin C and a reduction in inflammation, but you also increase moisture and comfort. Next time your throat is sore, don’t worry about a harmful man-made product. Choose an effective, natural essential oil.

Unblocking Your Sinuses With Essential Oils
When your sinuses are blocked, it feels like someone has filled your brain with concrete.
It becomes hard to think clearly, or to have any energy at all. Our work suffers and we are more likely to be grumpy to those around us. A sinus infection is also at risk of spreading, if left
untreated. This can cause serious problems and put you out of action for a long time.

So which essential oils can help with your sinus problems? And which symptoms do they help relieve?
Lavender essential oil has proven to be an effective treatment for sinus congestion. It can ease the feelings of congestion and stress which come with infected sinuses. It can help us to avoid the restlessness and insomnia that often accompanies a sinus issue. If you want relief from some of the most painful symptoms of a sinus infection, lavender oil is a great choice.
Tea tree essential oil can also be used to treat sinus problems effectively. It’s both antibacterial and antiseptic. As well as getting to the root of the pain caused by a sinus infection, tea tree oil can also provide topical relief. Just mix a little up with a carrier oil, and rub it into whichever part of you is in pain.
If you’ve ever had a bad day thanks to a sinus infection, you know how painful it can truly feel. Give yourself the best chance of success. Treat your infected sinuses with essential oils to enjoy all of the benefits of other treatments with none of the drawbacks.

Clearing Your Dandruff With Tea Tree Oil
Dandruff can really make a difference to people’s confidence and happiness.

There’s nothing worse than having a social occasion ruined, or feeling shy around the office, because of a flaky scalp. Yet there’s a reason a lot of people seem to let their dandruff linger.
Many shampoos and other types of treatment for dandruff contain harsh chemical ingredients. These can cause skin problems and discomfort. For a lot of people, dandruff is seen as preferable to some kind of harsh man-made treatment, in spite of the embarrassment it causes.
Thankfully, there is a better way. Treating dandruff with tea tree oil is a proven, natural treatment for clearing up your flaky scalp. So what do you need to know about treating dandruff with tea tree oil?

The causes of dandruff are many. Excessive skin oil, a dry scalp, and particular forms of fungus can all cause dandruff to appear. This is often why typical treatments fail. From person to person, dandruff is different.

Tea tree oil is able to effectively counter the main causes of dandruff. This is due to the remarkable range of properties it contains. The anti-fungal nature of tea tree oil can fight back against the spores which cause the painful skin condition to occur. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the urge to itch which can worsen and prolong dandruff.
There are a couple of different ways you can treat your dandruff with tea tree oil. One is to mix a few drops of the oil into a carrier, and apply it that way. Pure tea tree oil is usually too intense to be applied directly. Another choice is to choose a specialist shampoo which contains a percentage of tea tree essential oil. Shampoos around the 5% concentration level have been shown to be
particularly effective.
If you have dandruff, and common treatments aren’t helping, give tea tree essential oil a try. It might well clear up your dandruff for good.

Effective Essential Oils – Final Thoughts
Next time you have a painful throat, blocked sinuses, or embarrassing dandruff, don’t assume an unnatural man-made treatment is your only solution. Your inflamed esophagus, congested forehead, and itchy scalp don’t have to be bombarded with chemicals and other additives.
Instead, seek out an effective essential oil to bring your wellness back on track. It’s worth trying different combinations of oils until you find an effective remedy for the health problems that hurt you the most.

Why suffer, when nature has provided us with so many effective remedies?

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