Benefits of Pilates to shape up your thighs and hips

Lean and fit body can be ensured with Pilates. Through leg circles on the side, it may be possible to get a toned body. Motion may be improved on the occasion in addition to strengthening of hip muscles. Stability and control over the muscle can be maintained in better manner also. Benefits of Pilates cannot be ignored at any given occasion.

Doing small circles

By lying on the side, heads must propped up with little bit of assistance from hand. It is better to place the free hand over mat for support close to your abdominal area. During this time, legs must be out with a 45 degree.

Waistline must be kept up and in while raising the top leg over the bottom leg. Minimum 10 circles must be done during this time. Legs must be rotated just like you have brushing your heels and it must pass through the bottom ankle. Small circle offers more advances always. Size of the circle must be maintained constantly in a neat fashion. Same thing must be done by brushing the bottom heels now for about additional ten times.

Checking the form

Rotation of the legs must be done externally. Turning out of leg can be seen while both the shin and knees are placed in upward direction. Knees must be kept lose as much as possible. Locking of the leg or knee may not be good for this exercise.

Adding some challenges

Benefits of Pilates can be increased further with additional challenges. If you become too comfortable with the exercise through practice then you can place your hand at the back of the head instead of putting it on the mat. It may be difficult to maintain the balance of torso at this time. Abdomen must be kept strong to avoid any kind of shift in position.

How should you feel?

Effect of the Pilates circle can be felt in the thighs and hips if it is done briskly. Instead 10 circles, you can go for 15 circles to 20 circles also.

Go for the large circles

Following to some practice with the small circle, you can try the large circle. Similar moves must be done this time also. However, legs must be elevated further. Sweeping moves can be noticed at the time like you have been doing high kicks. By holding up a bit, you may carry forward. You must try to elevate the leg as high as possible. While pausing at the highest position for some time, stretch close to inner thigh area can be felt.

Later on, leg on the behind must be carried and lengthened. Forward leg must be swung again forward in a large circle. In the same direction, circles must be done for minimum three times.

Checking the form

Torso must be retained still completely. It may be difficult as you may fall back while placing the leg forward. It is better to try and stabilize the trunk. In this way, you may work harder as well as higher.

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