Clear Liquid Diet

Clear Liquid Diet 

Many women want the ideal and perfect body. They will try to lose weight so that their bodies look slim. However, most of them fail and they cannot resist hunger until the body becomes even more stretched. Losing weight is actually not a difficult thing. There are many ways you can lose weight like exercising, adjusting your diet, and taking supplements. However, if those three ways are ineffective and still don’t show results, you can also try the clear liquid diet. 

This term may sound familiar to some people. But, this is one way you can try if you want to lose weight. As we know, diet failure is usually caused because you still consume foods that can cause fat. You can reduce solid food by replacing it with liquid. Here, we will discuss all about the clear liquid diet and how it can help you lose weight 

Definition of Clear Liquid Diet 

Clear Liquid Diet is a type of diet that can help a person lose weight by changing heavy food into plain gelatin, broth, and water. The goal is that our digestive system can digest without leaving the pulp in our intestinal tract. A clear liquid diet is also usually done before someone gets surgery. A patient is now allowed to eat foods and replace them with water only. A clear liquid diet is also temporary because you will not get enough nutrients and calories. When you take a clear liquid diet, you are only allowed to consume several food and drinks such as sports drinks, strained tomatoes, coffee and tea without cream and milk, gelatin, carbonated drinks, honey, sugar, water, and fruit juices. 

Types of Liquid Diets 

Basically, the liquid diet is divided into several types. The purpose of the liquid diet is to replace your main food with liquid. When you take a liquid diet, it does not mean you have to only drink mineral water. You can still consume some kinds of food that are converted into drinks. This is the best way to reduce the fat you consume because water does not contain fat. In addition, a liquid diet also provides a detoxification effect so that the body can get rid of toxins. 

  • Food Substitute 

A liquid diet can be the best way to lose weight and it can replace your food. In this liquid diet, you can consume liquid foods like shakes that can replace solid foods. In addition, you can also find several shake products that you are ready to consume for the liquid diet program. The purpose of this type of liquid diet is so that you still feel full and get essential nutrients for the body without having to make the body fat because most shakes have low calories. You can consume shakes at night or just morning. As a food substitute, the liquid diet with shake type still provides nutritional needs such as protein, minerals, and vitamins. 

  • Body Detoxification 

The liquid diet also has a function to detoxify the body. We know that our body contains many poisons that can cause cancer and gain weight. For body detox, you can choose the type of liquid diet by consuming drinks and juice. This type of liquid diet is not the same as the shake diet because you might only use natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruits so that it might not contain all the nutrients your body needs. You can make a cup of juice from your favorite fruits. You might not get enough carbohydrates or protein, but you can get lots of vitamins. 

  • Clear Liquid Diet 

This is one type of liquid diet that only relies on clear liquid and is usually taken when someone wants to carry out medical procedures such as surgery and others. As the name implies, the clear liquid diet only allows you to consume several types of liquid or drinks such as clear water, tea, apple juice, sports drinks, and other special drinks. 

Liquid Diet According Experts 

Nutrition expert Emilia E. Achmadi MS. RD explains that this liquid diet was originally made for people who are seriously ill. The condition of the person cannot digest food in his stomach so that food is given in the liquid form. 

But lately, this liquid diet is misinterpreted by those who lose weight. “This is one trend that I think is wrong. Something that becomes a trend does not mean that everything is good,” Emilia said. 

The liquid diet itself on the MD website is interpreted as a way to lose weight by limiting food intake in solid form and changing it to liquid. This liquid diet method is different, there are only consuming fruit and vegetable juices or shakes to replace solid foods that are usually eaten. Fruit and vegetable juices or shakes can be consumed three to four times a day. 

Another method of liquid diet is to replace solid food in the morning and afternoon with drinks, can fruit and vegetable juices or shakes. Those who use this second method can still eat solid food at dinner, but the food consumed must be healthy. This method usually also allows the culprit to eat healthy between meals. 

Is this liquid diet effective in losing weight? Many dieters admit that their weight loss is easy to lose. This weight loss occurs because when undergoing liquid diet calories can be reduced quickly. If he usually gets 2,500 calories daily, with a liquid diet, it can be 1,500. So it’s fast (losing weight) because the deficit is really fast. 

Rapid weight loss due to calorie reduction, according to Emilia, is not true. According to him, these dieters become mistaken. When they lose weight, they feel that they are losing fat too. When in fact the loss is not fat but only fluid or muscle mass. 

A liquid diet is done in the short or long term is not recommended. That’s because basically the human body has been designed for the process of chewing. While liquid dieters do not need to chew because their food is in liquid form. 

Chewing activity is still important because at that time saliva is produced. At the time of producing saliva, the carbohydrate digestion process has occurred in the body. 

A diet expert who is also the author of the book “Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads” says that a liquid diet only provides short-term benefits. The target of fast weight loss is achieved, but the side effects will be felt after the diet is stopped. As long as you only consume liquid food, your metabolism decreases. As a result, when you return to eating solid food, your weight will quickly return to normal. 

A similar opinion was also expressed by Anne Fletcher, the author of the book “Thin for Life” who is also a weight consultant. In addition to affecting metabolism, liquid diets also have a psychological effect thereby reducing the chances of success. 

Although it can meet nutritional needs, food in liquid form will not present the sensation of a full stomach so it tends to always be hungry. If the satisfaction that should be obtained when eating is taken, someone will be difficult to survive. 


A liquid diet is a diet program inspired by the bestseller book “Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days”. Because it was introduced by Roni DeLuz, a naturopathic doctor from Martha’s Vineyard Inn, this diet is also often referred to as Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox. 

This diet program is carried out for 21 days with a target weight loss of 21 pounds or about 9.5 kg. During the program, participants did not eat solid food at all but only juice and vegetable broth. 

A Hollywood celebrity who follows this diet is Steve Harvey, a fat comedian who hosted the Family Feud event. Harvey had passed halfway and until now felt his body was still fine. 

How to take clear liquid diet? 

If you get some health issues or you want to have surgery, medical test, and even when you get recover after surgery, you should take a clear liquid diet that your doctor also recommends you. The aim of this liquid diet is to get rid of leftovers, the residue of foods you ate from your abs or digestive system. It is not like solid food, the liquid drinks can go through the digestive system with ease and does not leave any leftovers inside your digestive tract. Suppose you are currently taking a clear liquid diet, you should ensure that you take the right types of drinks and food. 

Preparation for a clear liquid diet 

  • Consult your doctor 

Commonly, the surgeon or doctor will suggest you take a clear liquid diet. But, if you need to take this kind of diet for different reasons, you need to talk to your doctor first. It is important to make sure if this type of diet is good and safe for your body.  

  • You may get some information about the purpose of a clear liquid diet, how long you should take it, and what foods you must eat. 
  • It is also important to do some supporting activities such as reducing exercise, eating supplements, or change the medication you currently take. 
  • Besides, you also must ask your doctor about the side effects of taking a clear liquid diet. 
  • Buying Foods 

Since you finally know what foods you must consume during the clear liquid diet, now it is time to buy some of the necessary foods in the supermarket. It is important to have enough preparation for this diet without failure. 

  • Prepare several important supporting food supplies for a clear liquid diet so you can take the food whenever you want them during the diet program. 
  • Put the foods in a refrigerator or a cabinet. A clear liquid diet can make you upset when you do not have the food supplies at home.  
  • Some of the recommended foods are like broth, jello, water with flavorings, popsicles, tea, coffee, and clear juice like grape juice or apple juice.  

Prepare yourself for side effects 

Anyway, when you take a clear liquid diet, you also have to be aware of its side effects. It depends on the drink or food you take for the clear liquid diet and how long you will take the diet. 

  • You may experience some side effects like headaches, hunger, nausea, diarrhea, and weakness. 
  • You must go to a clinic just in case the side effects become worse or if you feel uncomfortable. Tell your doctor how the symptoms begin, when it starts, and how severe the symptoms you are experiencing currently.  

During the clear liquid diet 

What to do when taking a clear liquid diet? You must drink some types of liquids, but it is not just clear water. You can drink liquids that still have nutrients. Thus, you will feel easier to live just in case you drink some kinds of fluids. 

  • Consuming some kinds of liquids or drinks throughout the day can assist you to control hunger as well as other side effects. 
  • Several types of liquids that you can consume are like water (white, carbonated or flavored), liquid juice without pulp, sports drinks, fruit water, soda, broth, tea, and coffee without milk. 
  • You should get proper food consumption in which you may eat some food during this diet program. 
  • You can eat food in order to get rid of boredom because you have been taking a lot of drink fluids throughout the day. 
  • Several foods accepted during the clear liquid diet are popsicles without processed milk, gelatin, and sweets. 
  • You may still consume savory liquid foods like chicken broth and meat. 
  • You need to spread the calorie fluids consumption. Suppose you have a chance to include calorie foods and drinks in your diet menu, then you just spread it throughout your day. 
  • If you take a clear liquid diet, you should notice that the calories in the body will get lowered. This can decrease your blood sugar levels and may make you feel dizziness, nausea, and lightheadedness.  
  • You can get some menu for the clear liquid such as one cup of juice without pulp for the breakfast, one cup of tea and coffee without additional processed milk, but you can add sugar; Morning snacks like one cup of gelatin; Lunch for one cup of juice without pulp, one cup of broth; Afternoon snack consists of one cup of broth and one cup of gelatin; and Night snack that can be one cup of juice without pulp. 
  • If you have diabetes, you must always go to your doctor or a health professional. Besides, you also need to take sugary drinks in order to fulfill the 200 g of total carbohydrates each day. 
  • You must not forget to reduce physical activity. Moreover, you should not consume too many calories or more nutrients when taking the clear liquid diet so that you will not get enough energy to do physical activities. 
  • Suppose you are a kind of active person; you must reduce activity. For instance, if you usually run for 60 minutes every morning, then you can reduce it to 45 minutes.  
  • You can still do some light daily activities during the clear liquid diet. But, when you feel exhausted and dizzy during physical activities, you must stop it because it can cause some bad conditions.  

Is the clear liquid diet safe? 

One diet that many people do is a clear liquid diet. A clear liquid diet, if carried out as directed, is considered still safe enough to do. However, if done excessively, then health can be at stake. Therefore, get to know everything about this diet method, before trying it. People who undergo a clear liquid diet do not consume anything other than clear liquid, although you may still eat food and other beverages such as coffee, tea, or other bottled drinks. This method is considered effective enough to help you lose weight. A clear liquid diet should only be done for 24-72 hours, or a maximum of 3 days. Living on this diet for more than three days has a great risk of causing various health problems. A clear liquid diet for more than 3 days should only be done if it has received approval from a doctor. 

The way to undergo a clear liquid diet is actually simple. But that does not mean easy. During the diet, you are not allowed to consume anything except water. It is recommended that the amount of water consumed is 3 liters per day. The reason is, you will only get fluids from water, and not from other intakes such as fruits or vegetables.  

Also note the maximum duration for a water diet, which is three days. After finishing it, hunger must come. However, do not immediately eat too much, because this can make you sick. Eat a little at a time, until the condition of the body is back accustomed to heavy food. You can also diet alternately. This method is also called intermittent fasting. That is, on certain days, you will only consume a quarter of the total calories that are normally consumed daily.  

One example is the 5: 2 diet, which is for 5 days a week you eat as usual, and the remaining 2 days, reducing the number of calories consumed, one of them with a water diet. Doing intermittent fasting regularly is said to reduce the risk of diabetes, reduce body mass index, and help reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Stay aware of the risk of the Clear Liquid Diet 

Although it has many health benefits, a clear liquid diet also has risks that may arise. Here are the risks that need to be watched out for, if you want to go on a clear liquid diet to lose weight.  

  1. Weight loss, but fat does not disappear 

Because of the consumption of water restricts daily calorie intake, the weight will drop quickly. However, weight loss is not caused by loss of fat, but rather reduced levels of body fluids, carbohydrates, and muscle mass.  

  1. Lack of nutrition 

Do not consume anything other than water for several days, will make us lose the intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the body needs. In fact, all these substances are needed for the body to function properly.  

  1. Dehydration Dietary

 water can also make dehydration. Because, so far we actually not only get body fluids from drinks, but also from food consumed. If you do not eat, but still consume water as usual when doing this diet, we will lack fluids in the body.  

  1. Low blood pressure

Consuming too much water can reduce blood pressure to dangerous levels (hypotension). You can also experience orthostatic hypotension, which is a sudden drop in blood pressure when changing from sitting to standing. This condition can cause dizziness.  

  1. Limp, difficult to focus 

Limiting calories excessively can trigger conditions of weakness, fatigue, and daze. When the body lacks calories, its function will be difficult to walk optimally and make it difficult to think and focus.  

  1. worsen some disease conditions 

Consuming too much water can worsen some diseases, such as gout, diabetes, eating disorders, and heartburn.  

  1. Trigger binge-eating 

Binge-eating or uncontrolled appetite can occur when someone has finished a diet, which is too limiting calorie intake.  

Not everyone can go on a clear water diet. Several groups of individuals should not go on a clear water diet, including: 

  • Elderly Children and adolescents under the age of 18  
  • People who have eating disorders  
  • Weightless 
  • Being pregnant or breastfeeding  
  • Have a history of heart disease  
  • People with type 1 and 2 diabetes  
  • Frequent migraines  
  • A person who wants to make a blood donor  
  • Consumption of certain drugs  

clear liquid diet

A clear liquid diet is one alternative to lose weight. Before taking a clear liquid diet, it is better to consult a doctor first and find out the body’s ability to live it. There was only few research that has been explained about this method. So, we need to be careful when living it and understand the risks and side effects that might occur. Remember, the best way to diet is still to eat healthy and nutritious foods and exercise regularly. 

Frequent Asked Questions 

Can you lose weight with a clear liquid diet? 

As explained above, some people consider that a clear liquid diet is the most effective way to lose weight. This might make sense because when you go on a clear liquid diet, you also reduce your intake of calories, fat, and carbohydrates. However, a clear liquid diet can be dangerous for some people and you should not do it for too long. 

How long can you run a clear liquid diet? 

In general, the safest duration in a clear liquid diet is 3 days. Some people take this diet for a week, but this can make you malnourished. Some people go on a clear liquid diet once every 2 days to keep the body getting energy intake. A clear liquid diet does not mean you can only drink a clear liquid, but you can also consume several types of food. In essence, you change your staple food into a liquid that contains no fat and calories but it still contains some important nutrients. 

How do you get nutrition on a clear liquid diet? 

Maybe you think that when you go on a clear liquid diet, you will not get nutritional intake. Keep in mind, when you are on a clear liquid diet, you are not only just drinking clear water. A clear liquid diet is just a term in which somebody has to reduce the solid food intake and take more liquid. In this case, you still need to consume some important foods that contain nutrients. You can consume fruit juices without pulp like filtered apple and grape juice. Also, you can consume soup broth, gelatin, clear soda like sprite or ginger ale, popsicles, Jell-O, tea, cranberry juice, and etc. You are not allowed to consume yogurt, milk, and juice with pulp. 


clear liquid diet can be an alternative just in case you want to lose weight but it is a bit suffering. This is not the best choice to lose weight because it is not suitable for certain people. If you have tried so many ways but you always fail, then the last way is to take a clear liquid diet. The clear liquid diet requires you to reduce your intake of calories, fat, and carbohydrates which you must replace with a clear liquid. Clear liquid means that anything you consume does not contain pulp and it must be clear water or some water that still contains vitamins and minerals without pulp. You can still consume juice without pulp. You should not take a clear liquid diet by consuming mineral water only because it is very dangerous. You still need to get some nutrition from some liquid you consume. If you have a health problem that doesn’t allow you to take a clear liquid diet, then you don’t need to take a clear liquid diet, unless the doctor recommends it. You still have to pay attention to your health and do not torture yourself if you are unable to undergo a clear liquid diet. 

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