Diabetes and Plastic Surgery

Is it possible to go through a plastic surgery with diabetes? A relation between diabetes and plastic surgery can be noticed quite naturally. Options of plastic surgeries may not be limited if a patient is suffering from diabetes. However, it may be important to control diabetes in proper manner during this time as it can create an impact on the matters of eligibility. Recovery process may be affected on the occasion too.

Level of blood sugar plays an important role while obtaining approval from the plastic surgeon. If the HbA 1c is too high then approval for the surgery cannot be acquired. Same thing can be said about other kinds of elective surgeries as well.

Due to higher level of blood sugar, issues can be noticed at the time of recovery. It is quite natural to come across infection after the surgery.  Healing of the infection may become troublesome with diabetes. So, it can be said that diabetes and plastic surgery go hand in hand. Diabetic patient can suffer from damage on the eyes, fingers, toes and kidneys as well.

HbA 1c can be seen as a factor for acquiring an approval for the surgery. It can be referred as A1c as well. Through the process, amounts of advanced glycogenated end-products are generally indicated. These elements are accumulated over a span of three months. By a healthcare team, the examination is done. In the process, estimated average glucose can be decided also.

Level of A1c for a non-diabetic is about 5.7%. It can be even less than 5% also. Therefore, blood sugar level can be about 97mg/dL. Following to consumption of food, it can be between 70 to 130 mg/dL.

In case of an elective surgery, level of A1c can be about 7%. If you have more than recommended amount then it must be controlled under the guidance of health care team. Sometime, it may not be enough to take care of the blood glucose level as you may be suffering from it for years.

Risks associated with Diabetes and Plastic Surgery

 If you manage to get approval for the surgeon then you may have to shoulder a lot of responsibility also. Level of blood sugar must be managed as tightly as possible. It is important to control your blood sugar as it can cause complications on the way of your recovery after the surgery.

Matters related to diabetes and plastic surgery must be handled with care. Following issues can be noticed on the occasion.

  • Infection
  • Incision reopening
  • Wound reopening
  • Belated or impaired healing

Now-a-days, m ore and more people have been going through plastic surgeries with diabetes. Complication can be observed in the stage post operation. Recovery time at the hospital may be affected in the process too. Following to evaluation of diabetic condition, solution is offered. Counseling can be done on the occasion also.

For plastic surgery, a proficient surgeon with board certification must be found. Procedures must be discussed in details for effective result.

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