Dumbbell exercises for Butt

In every gym, it is quite easy to find a dumbbell. Due to sleek nature of the dumbbell, it can be used easily in the house also. Lot of space is not required to store these dumbbells at house. Required amount of resistance required for the exercise can be offered with this little tool. Through dumbbell exercises for butt, effective results can be noticed quite easily.  In your regime of workout, some exercises with dumbbells must be included. Through variation of exercise, boredom related to a workout routine can be avoided. Fitness regime can be retained refreshing in the process also. Challenges can be introduced in the regime with some of these bodyweight exercises of classical nature also.

By grabbing your dumbbells, you can start your set of exercises in the gym or home. Set of either five pound or eight pound can be utilized at the time. Heavier weight can be utilized lf you are comfortable with the current one now. Squat, lunge, lift, thrust and kick can be practiced on the occasion.

Weighted Donkey Kick

Exercises must be started on your fours. Hands must be kept underneath your shoulder while knees are positioned beneath your hips. Bending the left leg at a 90 degree angle, weight must be placed behind your left knees. Load of the dumbbells can be held through squeezing of your left leg slightly. Kicks must be practiced with your left leg at the time also. Now, knee can placed under your hips. The rep must be done for about 12 times with each leg.

Weighted Bridge

On the occasion, you must lay with your face-up while keeping the hips apart. Heels can be seen close to the glutes. The dumbbells must be kept on your hips. By driving the heel, you can lift your hip from the floor.  In the top position, you must stop for few minutes then you can bring your lower back on the mat. Minimum 20 reps must be done with the dumbbell exercises for butt.

Weighted Squat

In a standing position, weight can be placed over your shoulder.  By hinging your hip, you must go as low as possible with your squat. Body weight must be kept in your heels. Torso can be lifted at this also. 20 reps of this exercise must be done to ensure proper shape of your butt.

The Curtsy Kick

It is better to keep the weight at the height of your shoulder. Right leg must be placed diatonically behind the other leg. Legs must be bent till it becomes parallel to the floor. Throughout the time, straight spine must be maintained.  Rolling down of the shoulder is must on the occasion. Tight abs is essential without any doubt. Push must be given with the help of left heel in order to stand in proper manner. Right leg must be swept towards the side while keeping the foot in a pointed manner. Now, you can go to the subsequent rep. 12 reps can be done with this exercise with each leg.

Above dumbbell exercises for butt must be done.

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