Home Remedies for mole removal

Different types of creams and solutions may promise to remove mole successfully. However, some simple home remedies for mole removal can be found also which is beneficial and low cost.

Generally, moles are looked as an annoyance cosmetically. However, health concerns can be encountered some time also. If a mole is growing rapidly then it can be looked a premonition of skin cancer or colon cancer.

Some professional solutions can be found with the help of plastic surgeons also. They may not be too expensive. Quick solutions can be ensured at the time also. In case, you have not managed to get rid of your mole through home remedies then you can consult with the plastic surgeons. However, it is always better to try home remedies for mole removal first.

What is mole?

Black or brown marks are generally observed over the skin. During childhood, appearance of mole can be noticed first. It can appear during your 20s also. Size of this mole may increase as you grow old. Sometime, raised bumps can be noticed also. Little bit of hair can be seen with the mole. Relatively darker skin can be noticed at the location of mole. Due to accumulation of melanocyte within the mole, coloring of skin can be noticed.

More than 30 moles can be seen in a body. In some occasion, lesser moles may be encountered. Different shapes and sizes can be seen with these moles. If the position of the mole is deep inside the dermis then it may be little difficult to remove.

Now, let’s look at the home remedies for mole removal.

Lots of home remedies can be found on the occasion. In case of small moles, effect of the home remedies can be noticed especially. These moles are usually leveled and flat. Uses of caustic elements are seen mostly on the occasion.  It must be applied for few weeks. However, surrounding skin may suffer. In case of a sensitive skin, swelling, scabbing and redness can be experienced. If such issues occur then you must stop the process immediately and discuss the matter with the doctor.

Following remedies can be tried for mole removal

Apple Cider Vinegar: Due to acidic content of the ingredient, mole can be removed from the skin. By soaking the cotton in apple cider vinegar, it must be applied on the location for an effective result. The solution can be retained over the skin for minimum 8 hours. Band aid or duct tape can be utilized at the time also. Fading of mole can be noticed within 5 days.

Baking Soda: Effect of this ingredient can be found for mole removal process. As a result of alkali in baking soda, it is possible to encounter a burning effect also. Therefore, it is better to combine baking soda with vitamin E or castor oil for an excellent result. For four hours, the paste can be retained on the skin surface. Mole may start to fade afterward. Use of cotton can be seen for the application process.


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