The Best Essential Oils For Three Health Conditions

The Best Essential Oils For Three Health Conditions

When you’re suffering from a health issue, it can be difficult to find effective, natural remedies.
For many people, over the counter medicine manufactured and sold by big corporations isn’t a great solution. The large amount of artificial additives and ingredients in such products cause adverse reactions in a lot of people.

If you want a proven, natural solution to your health issues, consider essential oils. More and more people are searching for the most effective essential oils for strep throat, the best essential oils for eczema, and essential oils to diffuse for cough.
Today, we’ll explore how to ease the pain of strep throat, relief the discomfort of eczema, and make your cough far more tolerable, all with essential oils.

Easing Your Strep Throat With Essential Oils
When it comes to massive amounts of pain, disrupting your daily life, and generally causing misery, strep throat is one of the most potent bacterial problems out there.
Strep throat is often especially awful for children. They lack the experience and coping mechanisms to handle such high levels of pain. What makes things even worse is the conventional cure is often way overboard.

Antibiotics are a standard solution for strep throat. Sadly, they come with a whole host of problems.
Antibiotics are said to be responsible for causing many of the hygiene resistant bugs out there today. They can also disrupt the body’s natural functioning and cause side effects, particularly in children. So is there a better solution, or is it a choice between antibiotics or strep throat pain?

Thankfully, proven essential oil treatments exist to help people suffering from strep throat. These are natural, effective remedies that lack the harmful side effects of antibiotics. So what are they?
Peppermint essential oil is a great place to start for strep throat. Why? Peppermint oil has powerful antimicrobial properties, helping to eliminate throat soreness. It also has expectorant qualities, helping the body to remove mucus build up resulting from strep throat.

Oregano oil is one of the more obscure essential oils, but it’s a great choice for someone suffering from strep throat. It is able to help protect against viral and fungal infections. It also is effective even when heated, so it can be used as part of a soothing herbal tea mixture.

If you or someone you love is suffering from strep throat, you don’t have to risk antibiotics. Try an essential oil for a wonderful natural alternative.
The Best Essential Oils For Eczema Treatment
Eczema can have a serious impact on a person’s everyday life and happiness.

From affecting the clothes they can wear, to the foods they can eat, eczema is often an incredibly disruptive condition to live with.
What makes eczema even more complicated to treat is its range of causes and symptoms from person to person. The reason for one person’s eczema, and the way it manifests in their body, may be very different than to the next person.

However, for most people, the aim is to reduce the amount of skin inflammation associated with their condition, and to soothe the body in order to avoid itching. A wide range of different essential oils can help with both of those aims.

Chamomile essential oil is a great choice for eczema sufferers. It’s gentle nature means it’s suitable even for young people with eczema. It is known for soothing the skin and reducing the urge to itch. Chamomile oil has also been shown to calm people down, which can be a great remedy to the stress brought on by eczema.
Tea tree oil is another worthy choice if you happen to have eczema. Compounds in tea tree oil are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect, which can greatly reduce the soreness and swelling associated with some forms of eczema. Studies have also shown tea tree oil reduces the need to itch, one of the main problems for people with eczema.

Although the battle against eczema can seem long and never ending, it’s worth experimenting with different combinations of essential oil treatments. Often, the right choice of essential oils can be even more effective than over the counter treatments, without the harmful additives.

Essential Oils To Diffuse For Your Cough
A severe cough can really reduce a person’s quality of life.
There are many reasons for coughing, but treatments tend to be the same. Powerful, over the counter remedies. It’s no secret that these are incredibly strong. Strong enough to get people addicted, a lot of the time.

If over the counter medicine isn’t the right choice for your cough, don’t worry. There are some effective essential oils that can be diffused to ease your symptoms.
Diffusing an essential oil is a great way to treat a cough. Why? To enjoy the benefits of the oil, simply breathe the air around you. You don’t have to risk coughing up a spoonful of harmful, man-made medicine.

So which essential oils should you diffuse for your cough?
Eucalyptus oil is one of the best options when you have a cough that won’t quit. It has a component, cineole, which is known for combating many of the route causes of coughs. It can also help improve air flow to your lungs, which is essential when you’re short of breath from a coughing fit.

Lemon oil is another fantastic choice of oil to diffuse. It can help your body’s lymphatic system function better, allowing you to recover from your cough quicker. If your body is inflamed from your cough, lemon oil can help to reduce the inflammation, allowing you to get on with your day.

Why risk excessively strong, potentially addictive over the counter cough remedies? Instead, choose a natural oil, and diffuse five drops or so. You are sure to enjoy the benefits.
Better Health With Essential Oils – Final Thoughts
Step throat, eczema, and coughing may not be the most serious health problems out there. However, they are truly painful, disruptive, and miserable to endure.

If you want an effective treatment without the downsides of pharmaceutical medicine, why not try essential oils?
The natural power of essential oil to bring comfort to your throat, relaxation to your skin, and peace to your airways is truly remarkable. Try it for yourself and see.

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