What is diabetes honeymoon

Diabetes Honeymoon is especially seen with the Type 1 of this medical condition for a limited amount of time. During this time, it is possible for pancreas to obtain little amount of insulin naturally to control requirement of insulin within body.  Blood glucose level can be maintained at the same time. However, it may not indicate the fact that diabetes can be cured.

What causes honeymoon period in diabetes?

Development of type 1 diabetes is seen in the body as production of insulin generating cell is stopped. It is generally recognized as islet cells. Due to an injection of insulin, pancreases are pressurized to create insulin. Certain rest period can be noticed on the occasion. Pancreas is influenced by other beta cells present in the area to make insulin.

However, existence of these beta cells cannot be seen after few months. In this way diabetes honeymoon period is ended. Production of insulin is stopped on the occasion completely. Sufficient insulin cannot be found in the body to maintain the level of blood sugar anymore.

Honeymoon phase

Controlling blood sugar is relatively easily during honeymoon phase. Body has still some power to develop insulin naturally. Level of blood sugar may stay normal on most occasions. Therefore, dosages of insulin injection must be adjusted properly at this time. Constant consultation with the professional of healthcare may be necessary at the time.

Is it possible to stop administering insulin in honeymoon phase?

Balance of insulin must be maintained properly during diabetes honeymoon. Risk of hypoglycemia can be seen at the time also. However, it is also important to ensure the fact that the body is not suffering from higher level of blood glucose. Chances of diabetic ketoacidosis must be avoided at the same time.

Detailed discussion with the physician may be necessary at the time.

Duration of honeymoon period in diabetes

Definite time frame may not be seen with honeymoon phase of diabetes. It can be anything between few weeks to few months. However, it can be extended close to a year sometime also.

Challenges You Can Expect

Problems can be eased to some extent during diabetes honeymoon. However, some chronic challenges can be noticed at the time too. Proper monitoring of the condition is necessary at the time. Balance of required insulin and carbohydrate in the body must be maintained. The phase is quite unpredictable. Through proper measures, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia can be evaded only.

One of the challenges faced during this time is adjustment of insulin dosage. It is necessary to understand the honeymoon phase and take measures accordingly.

Relationship with the care team must be maintained perfectly at the time. Diagnosis is questioned by some of type 1 diabetic patients at the time also as they are going through a honeymoon phase. Care team may be doubted. Dangerous results can be seen if proper treatment is not taken at this time.

What to do after honeymoon phase in diabetes?

Understanding about the occurrence of this phase and its duration, healthcare professional may recommend proper dosages of insulin injection in future.


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