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Using the numbers to your advantage
Numerology is the art of deciphering the numbers. With the help of numerology, you will be able to gain more insights regarding your personality as well as the future. Moreover, with the help of numerology, you will be able to align your name as well as other attributes of your personality with the numbers. This will ensure that you are able to streamline your entire lifestyle.

Many people do not give numerology a try. However, the truth is that with the help of free numerology, you will be able to easily figure out the opportunities. Also, numerology can be the tool to gain insights into your future.

In order to explore the true power of numerology, you need to 1st understand the numerology definition before moving ahead. Also, numerology can be of plenty of different types as well like name numerology, creative numerology, birthday numerology etc. That is why you have to look at the type of numerology which you want to explore and thereafter you have to take a call. Before going into any other details, we will answer what is numerology in order to provide you with a clear picture.

What is numerology?
Numerology takes into account the numbers which are associated with the different attributes of your personality. It can be a date or it can be the address at where you live. These numbers are aligned with your birth dates or with your name in order to define the energy as well as qualities associated with the numbers. The numbers can be derived from various aspects of your life. Depending on the way in which you derive these numbers, the type of numerology will also change like:

• Name numerology
• Birthdate numerology

The next question which arises in the mind of many people is how to calculate numerology? It all depends on the type of numerology which you are trusting. Moreover, there are multiple ways in which you can get free full numerology report. With the help of numerology calculator free, it will become easier for you to derive these numbers as well. Thereafter, deciphering the meaning from these numbers is actually an easy task.

Now that you are familiar with the basic concept of numerology, it is important to look at the detailed explanation in order to better understand how it can be used in real life.

Numerology Explained:
Vibrations are the source of working of numerology. In order to understand numerology, you have to 1st understand how vibrations work.

In this universe, the objects and everything which is in existence vibrates at a particular frequency. With the help of the vibrations as well as the name of the person, the frequency at which the person vibrates can be discovered. With the help of this numerological analysis of the frequency, a significant amount of information about the personality as well as other attributes of the person can be determined.

In addition to that, depending on our Time of birth as well as the date of birth, we are ruled by certain planets. These planets are determined by the planetary position at the time of our birth on that specific day.

In this analysis, there are certain constants like date of birth, planetary positions as well as karma. With the help of numerology, we can change the name which will ensure that the vibrational frequency also changes. When the vibrational frequency changes, the frequency can be aligned towards more favorable planets rather than the ones which were in a certain position at the time of birth. This ensures that you will be able to align things in your own favor with the help of these changes.

Normally, when you consult a numerologist, this is what numerologist will do as well. Numerology is a very complex art and it does not just constitute counting the numbers or determining the frequency to which you have to align. There are quite a few other things which are to be taken care about as well including what number day of the year is it.

As we stated above, your name, as well as your date of birth, are 2 very important factors in numerology. The vibrational frequency can be found with solely these 2 characteristics. They can be used on an individual basis as well in order to discover the vibrational frequency. That is why the 1st and foremost thing which you have to find out is what does my birthday mean? This can be found out only by taking into account your exact birth date. Similarly, when you get the answer to the question what does your birthday mean, it will become easier for you to understand the changes which you have to make to your name in order to align yourself with the favorable planets.

Calculation of birth date numerology:
In birth date numerology, the date of birth is taken and a number is derived from it. Depending on this number, your potential for success in respective fields of your life like health, relationships, career is analyzed. This number can either be neutral for you or lucky for you or an obstacle for you.

Numerology based on name:
Similarly, a number can be drawn from your name as well. This number can also be either lucky for you or neutral or even an obstacle. That is why both of these attributes of your life play a very important role in numerology.

We will below share with you the ways in which you will be able to get the numbers which have a significant impact on your life.
How to calculate Birth Number?
In order to calculate your birth number, you have to look at the numeric values assigned to each and every alphabet. This chart is pretty easy to understand. It starts by assigning the value 1 to the alphabet A. Similarly, it goes on increasing the value to the next alphabets up to 9. After 8, the value again reverts back to 1. Thus, the alphabet I has the value 9. The next alphabet J has the value 1. This procedure is repeated for the rest of the alphabets.
This chart is known by the name of Pythagorean numerology chart.

Now that you understand how to assign a specific value to the alphabets, we will go into the detail of calculating the birth number.

Birth number:
Calculating the birth number is pretty easy. If the birth date is 21st January, the birth number comes to 3. The digits of the date are added in order to calculate the birth number. Thus, calculating the birth number is actually pretty easy.

How to calculate Life Path Number?
The next number of prime importance in numerology is the Life Path number. The Life Path number is the total of the date of birth as well as the month of birth and the year of birth. Thus, if a person is born on 22nd October 2003 the life Path number comes to 1. On the other hand, the birth number comes to 4. You have to keep on adding the numbers until; a single digit number is derived.

Now that the decimation of the numbers is clear, we will go into the meaning of each and every number in order to provide you with a clear perspective.

What do the numerology numbers represent?
We will now go into the significance of each and every life Path number in order to give you a clear idea regarding what each number means. Moreover, by changing the name you will be able to change the number as well. As a result, if the number is not favorable for you, you will have to change your name. This can be advised easily by the numerologist. There are plenty of online consultations available by numerologists as well in case you want to change your life path number. We will now go into the details of the life path numbers below.

Number 1:
The number 1 signifies self-realization as well as the spirit of privilege. The people who are having the number 1 will not be dependent on anyone else for financial matters as well as for sentimental bondage. They believe in leading a life on their own. Moreover, they will not be able to easily work along with the team. They are born to lead independently. They, however, would be a great administrator. They can easily rise to leadership levels as well.

The people who are governed by the number 1 often spend a significant portion of their life getting away from the financial restraints. Moreover, they will try to get away from the emotional restraints as well. In order to become successful, they have to move away from such limitations. On the positive side, they are pretty creative and self-motivated.

Also, they hardly ever suffer from any kind of health problems or psychological problems. Psychologically, they will be much stronger as compared to a normal person. In summary, people who are governed by the Life Path number 1, will are self-centered and overpowering. At times, they can be greedy as well as aggressive as well. These people often are distracted from their path and face hurdles due to these distractions. However, they primarily lead a self-contained life.

Number 2:
The people who are governed by the number 2 have a pretty strong ethics. Moreover, they believe in equality. Also, they help others in resolving various disputes as well. They often choose careers such as lawyers as well as mediators. They believe in becoming counselors in order to help people as well. One of the best things about them is that they often discover their flaws and try very hard to overcome them. The people who are governed by this number are highly diplomatic as well. In addition to that, they are highly motivated as well. On the other hand, in any kind of argument, it is very difficult to win from people who are governed by this number. They never ever bow down in defeat.

They have sentimental nature and due to this very reason, oftentimes they are not able to run their own business operations. A salaried job is one of the best options for them. Moreover, many people who are governed by this number often collect memorabilia as well as art. Since these people always work in a group, they are insulated by the negative emotions as well. They always like to work in close conjunction with the fields which benefit humanity.

Number 3:
The people who are governed by number 3 are often highly creative. Due to their creative skills, they are able to gain praise from the society as well. They choose to create career options as well like being stand-up comedians are dancers are performers are even musicians. In some of the cases, they can become a public servant as well. In addition to that, they often are ruled by the need to get famous and to become recognized in public life as well. That is why; they are always behind fame and choose the careers which will provide them with the much-needed fame.

In addition to that, they are highly confident as well. They have a great perception of themselves. That is why; often they do not suffer from depression as well as low willpower. In addition to that, they clearly understand the need for emotional support as well. In addition to that, they can be good cooks as well. With that being said, the people who are governed by the number 3 are often stubborn. They just set their eyes on the goals. They do not even figure out what will be the cost of achieving those goals. They relentlessly pursue their goals. If at all, they are not able to pursue their dreams, they often lose sight of the goals and lose their path as well.

Number 4:
Number 4 life path number also indicates that people who are governed by this number will be working in leading positions. They are extremely hard-working as well. In addition to that, they are highly reliable. One good quality of these individuals is that they are consistently willing to adopt. As a result, they will be able to progress in their careers quite easily. They do not shy away from working for others as well. Also, they are highly concerned about the reputation and how each and every one of the elections will impact their reputation. At the same point in time, they are egoistic and greedy as well.

With that being said, since they are reliable and hard-working, they are good business partners as well as a good spouse as well. This is one of the main reasons why they hardly ever suffer any problems in professional as well as personal relationships. They are not only trustworthy but they are capable of influencing others as well. As a result, they are pretty convincing. They, however, fear emotional insecurity. Emotions like jealousy, aggression impact them significantly. The only thing which they need to do better is to have proper patience and they will be able to lead a more satisfying life.

Number 5:
One of the strongest beliefs of people who are ruled by number 5 is that with the help of the right experience, they will be able to achieve each and everything in life. They are street-smart rather than being book smart. In addition to that, they often seek the truth. That is why; they often deviate towards spirituality as well. In addition to that, the knowledge which they have is often close to nature and necessary for survival as well. As a result, they are able to solve quite a few problems quite easily as well.

These individuals, however, do not believe in daily schedules. They are not too good enough in maintaining the normal routines as well. They are impulsive in nature. In addition to that, the communication skills which they have are pretty significant as well. That is why; they make for great teachers as well. They like to study subjects in greater detail which makes them not only a great observer but also a great teacher.

The people who are governed by the number 5, often like to write and interact with people. Moreover, they believe that everything will fall into its right place quite easily. In terms of personal relationships, they are thrilling as well as romantic. However, it takes time for them to form an opinion about anything. That is why; they are having a fluctuating mindset as well. At times, they can appear requesting as well as they hardly ever listen to anyone else.

They might even have a negative perspective towards life at times which means that they will be discouraging the people whom they meet with. This is often due to the lack of stability in their life.

Number 6:
Life path number 6 denotes that you will be creative and good with people skills. You will be able to communicate with each other quite easily. Moreover, you will take up a career which is close to people like becoming a fireman or nurse or doctor. In addition to that, you will be taking up a dignified career option as well.

You will also be inclined towards your spiritual responsibility. As a result, you will be showing emotions of compassion, empathy as well as affection. If you’re governed by the number 6, you will often have the wisdom to face the problems which the world throws at you.

The person who is governed by the number 6 is also a family individual. As a result, you will surely take care of your family on a consistent basis.

If you’re governed by this number, you will trust others more than normal. Moreover, you will be having complete confidence in people around you as well. That is why at times you will be facing certain obstacles when the others are not able to live up to their promises. Since these people often believe in equality, they will be treating each and every person with respect.

Number 7:
The people who are governed by this number are often friendly. Also, they believe in helping other individuals with the help of their knowledge. Also, they often make unusual career choices like mathematicians as well as scientists. The main advantage which these people have is that they mature at a very young age. As a result, they are able to carry themselves for quite easily as well. In addition to that, when they are allotted a task, they completed up to the last detail without any floor. This is one of the main reasons why they can excel at any job as well. They like to be alone and they love silence. On the other hand, they hate music as well as any kind of noise and crowds as well.

Such people do not often trust anyone. As a result, they have very limited friends as well. Such people are often introverts as well. In most of the cases, the people who are governed by this number often listen to other’s opinions but in the end, they do what they feel right. This is one of the main reasons why they are not easily influenced by others. They are generally a solitary person who loves peace. They do not trust each other easily and can get irritated quite easily as well. In case, they are lost or they just need to look back at their goal they will be able to embark on their journey once again.

Number 8:
The number 8 is often associated with people who achieve prosperity. Even though they are not generally dreamers but with the help of proper management skills, they are often able to excel in life. Moreover, they have a positive attitude and can develop skills more easily as compared to others. As a result, they are able to achieve much in life. Moreover, they often prefer social events as well. In addition to that, they like showing off as well. That is why; they have a boost in nature.

The main advantage if you’re governed by this number is that you will have luck on your side. As a result, as long as you’re putting in the work you will be able to succeed more easily. They often keep the goals which are unreachable or seem so at 1st. However, with work on luck, they are often able to achieve them as well. These individuals like financial success a lot. They will even prioritize financial success over personal goals at times. They even place financial success higher to ethics sometimes.

Number 9:
The people, who are governed by the life path number 9, often take a charitable path. They are into religious fields or into the field of coaching or even community service. They are highly tolerant as well. Moreover, they are patient as well. In addition to that, they are not selfish at all. They believe in justice and they believe in fighting to provide justice to others as well. That is why; they often interact with people a lot.

They have great listening ability as well. This helps them in understanding the problems of various people quite easily. Oftentimes, they like to help others without any selfish motive. They do not like to boast of their charitable activities as well. They are completely sincere when it comes to helping others.

Master Numbers:
Even though we stated above that you have to keep on adding the numbers till single digit numbers are achieved but you if your score is 11, 22 or 33, these are known as Master Numbers. In such a case, you do not have to reduce them down to single digit numbers.

Number 11:
People who are governed by the number 11 are often more knowledgeable as compared to others. They direct their knowledge towards eternal matters. As a result, their understanding of the meaning of life as well as of this world is much more superior compared to others. Moreover, they have multiple options when it comes to starting a career as well. As a result, there is no dearth of choices as well.

In addition to that, they often face destructive forces at least once in their life. That is when; they use their spiritual knowledge in order to come out of the situations. Even though they are nervous and susceptible to depression but they are able to generally find their goals and achieve their goals after the age of 40.

Number 22:
The number 22 denotes people who are great at becoming mentors. They will be able to guide others quite easily. Moreover, they can help others reach their goals more easily as well. These are the people who are often born with a silver spoon as well. That is why; they do not have to struggle a lot. In some cases, due to being born with the riches, they might become or appear selfish as well. They often distribute some part of their wealth for noble causes as well.

Number 33:
A birth date being reduced to number 33 is actually very unusual. In the past, there have been some great individuals whose birth dates have been reduced to the number 33. These include the Dalai Lama and Gandhi. They are very great men. Moreover, they are in quite a bit of fame. They are often affectionate towards the masses as well. They believe in humanity and like to revolutionize the perception of the world.

Thus, if you really want to use the power of numerology in order to lead a better life, you have to find out about your birth number as well as life path number. Both of these numbers will help you gain a clear perspective in your life. If you do not want to do it manually, there are free numerology calculators as well which can help you with the same. We will share with you such a numerology calculator below.

Numerology calculator free:
If you want to also analyze your life path number in order to find out how you will fare in life or in order to find out if you should change your name, you can always use a free numerology calculator. With the help of the numerology report which is generated with the help of this calculator, you will be able to easily analyze your entire life with respect to numerology. All you need to do is to just submit your full name and date of birth and you will be able to get a customized report. Click here now to get the free report!

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