Freezer meals when on a budget

Due to hectic professional life, people are always busy on the weeknights. Therefore, freezer meals when on a budget must be tried to make life little bit of easy for you.

Coming back from the office, you may not like to visit the grocery store at all in order to make a meal for yourself afterward. In addition, you may have to be stand on queue for a long time as others are also doing the same thing. During this time, you are so hungry that you may buy some cookies or microwave meal. However, these meals may not be good for your health at all.

By looking at the freeze you may think that it will be really good if some cooked food may come out of it instantly. One of the options here may be a takeout that may be healthy and high priced.

To deal with the situation properly, you need to have a plan in the hand. By using freezer meal, you may able to obtain a solution. Some food can be found in the freezer as a result without wasting too much money.

Cost of electricity can be saved at the time also as you may not to look through your fridge for too long.

Here are freezer meals when on a budget for you

Mediterranean Quinoa Burger

Replacement for a meal can be found easily with a quinoa burger. They are just delicious to eat and loaded with lots of protein. Price of Quinoa is pretty less than meat. It can be stored in the freezer very easily at the same time.

How to make?

  • By placing the quinoa is a saucepan, some water must be poured in. The mix must be boiled. Later on, the pan must be covered for minimum 15 minutes. Now, pan must be removed from the heat to cool.
  • Tomatoes must be placed within hot water. 5 minutes after, you can remove the water and place the bowl to the side.
  • Ingredients like quinoa, garlic, oats, chickpeas, oregano, pepper and salt must be placed on a food processor for a nice ground. Some egg can be added now and mix it properly. A texture similar to hummus may be encountered.
  • Transferring the mixture in to a relatively bigger bowl, you must put the feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, basil and parsley.
  • Patties must be created with this mixture for burgers.
  • In case you do not like to cook the burger immediately then it can be placed in freezer.
  • Toppings for the burger must be prepared also with the ingredients like parsley, olive, cherry tomatoes, vinegar and basil.
  • Buns can be toasted lightly on the skillet or in a preheated oven at 400F. It is better to keep an eye on them to avoid burn.
  • Putting some oil on skillet, patties must be cooked on both sides. 8 minutes may be required to fry the quinoa patty lightly.
  • In the end patties must be placed inside the bun along with toppings for an amazing meal.

By keeping quinoa patty in freezer for a long time, you can easily get freezer meal.

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