Guide for a perfect bath after workout

For recovery and relaxation after workout, you must take a bath properly. Bubble bath after workout may be perfect option on the occasion. It is especially important if you are living in a snowy area with chilling temperature.

Due to exercise, lots of stress can be seen over the body muscles. Nervous system of sympathetic nature may be stimulated as well. Everything may be processed perfectly as we take a warm and nice bath. Calming of the central nervous system can be noticed on the occasion. Body temperature and functionality can be brought back to normal on the occasion too.

Use some dry brush

Circulation of the blood can be increased through use of dry brush after workout. Detoxification can be started in the process. Firm bristle may be important on the occasion. Close to the heart, you must use vigorous strokes. It is better to start from the feet. Later on, you can go for stomach, underarms and arms. Exfoliation to entire body can be offered on the occasion. Fresh and great looking skin can be offered through the process.

Water must be lukewarm

Recovery of the muscle can be done in better manner with the warm water instead of cold water. Moist heat is provided by warm bath after workout also. Our body is made up with 70% water. Lukewarm water can reach deep within your skin and tissues to heal properly.

However, too hot bath may lead to sweat. The water must be about 96.8 degrees. In this way, advantage of water can be taken properly. It is better to soak the water for minimum 20 minutes. Enough time for relaxation can be obtained in the process.

Utilize some Epsom Salt

Epsom is a mix of diverse ranges of minerals. Mostly, magnesium can be found in this kind of salt. It is a form of electrolyte that helps to improve function of your heart, nerve and muscle. However, extensive research on the subject cannot be found. Debate may be seen between consumption of magnesium filled food and bath. If you take bath with Epsom Salt, then absorption of magnesium may be done in better manner. Digestion process can be avoided at the same time too. Detoxification may not be possible with the Epsom salt bath. However, it is definitely beneficial for sore muscle, inflammation and recovery of body.

Use of Lavender

Research has suggested that lavender oil is good for the central nervous system. Both anxiety and stress can be reduced in the process. Body can be soothed with this kind of bath after workout. Lavender scented candles may be good for calming your senses also.

Adding some bubbles

In addition to adding some fun to your bath, bubble acts as an insulator as well. It helps to keep the water warm for more amount of time.


During bath, you can mediate also as a perfect environment can be created through candles and music. Lights must be dimmed at the time also.

By using above techniques, optimum advantage post workout bathing can be taken naturally.

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