How to stop boredom eating

Boredom eating may become a habit gradually that may lead to poor health also over a long period of time. Therefore, you must not harm yourself anymore due to this habit. It is better to know how to stop boredom eating. If you are watching television then you may feel boredom after a while. Therefore, you may feel the need to eat something even if you are not hungry at all. Here are some ways to end the habit of boredom eating.

Have some water

In case of thirst and dehydration, you may feel hunger. It may be simple mistake on your part. On the occasion, you must not open a pack of potato chips instead you can pour yourself water. Following to consumption of water, you must re-access your scale of hunger. Real evaluation of requirement can be only achieved through objectivity.

Place the food on a plate

During boredom eating, mindless run of mind can be noticed.  Tracking of brain may be necessary to ensure control over food intake. It is believed that food on the plate helps to judge the situation in better manner. Thoughtless eating can be stopped in this way. Measure of intake can be maintained also.

Go for walk

As a remedy to boredom, you can go for a walk instead munching food. So, calories can be burned in the process instead of putting some more weight. Brisk walk may not be enough at the time. It is better to go for some exercises also. Thought of having snack can be eradicated from the mind. Good conversation with friends and loved ones can be enjoyed at the time also.

Try some reading

Book of your favourite writer can be open to kill the boredom. Mind may drift in the process. You may immerse yourself completely in the book. Craving for the food can be fixated quite naturally. Several other kinds of activities can be tried during this time also such as coloring, puzzles and drawing.

Chewing gum

You can store some gums in the kitchen. If you generally look for a snack while watching television then you can try some gum instead of actual food at the time. Through gum, proper distraction can be offered to you.

What can you actually eat during boredom?

How to stop boredom eating? It is a question that may be bothering you constantly as you are trying to lose your weight. Instead of stopping yourself completely, you can try following things to get rid of hunger. These are snacks of guilt free nature.

Hummus and Carrots

Have you been looking for a snack that comes with some crunch and without lot of calories? Then you must not go for chips at all as it is loaded with empty calories. Nutrients cannot be obtained from it at all. Through hummus and carrot, you can get a lot of healthy fat and nutrients. Calorie intake can be kept within check also.

In addition, you can also consume popcorn, mix nut or some cheese sticks.

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