Tips for obtaining long eyelashes

By looking through social media channels, you may become aware of the fact that a trend of long eyelashes can be seen at the moment. However, you may not know how to get long eyelashes.

Most of the women may be confused on the subject. However, some may come across a solution as well.  Still, it may be better to use false eyelashes on the occasion. It may not appear false at all.  Therefore, it can be flaunted in front of others quite naturally. By wearing these eyelashes throughout the day, some issues can be seen. Now, it is better to find a solution for your lashes.

Reasons for losing eye lashes

Diverse kinds of reasons can be found behind loss of eyelashes. From stress to application of mascara can be a cause behind falling eyelashes. If the extension of eyelash is not good enough then issues can be noticed also. Falling of eyelashes can be a natural phenomenon.

Let’s look at the causes of falling eyelashes.

  • Growth Cycle: Similar to the hair, eyelashes may fall and grow naturally. Maximum 150 eyelashes can be seen in the upper eyes. Development of eyelashes may happen in different manner. For the replacement of eyelashes, minimum 8 weeks may be required. So, you must not panic in such occasions.
  • Age: Due to age, eyelashes may fall. If you take proper care of your lashes then long eyelashes can be acquired.
  • Mascara can be a reason for falling eyelashes
  • Lack of care with eyelash extension
  • Stress

How to get long eyelashes?

By knowing about the reasons behind falling eyelashes, you may able to grow it in due course. Following methods can be tried on the occasion.

Using eyelash enhancer of non–irritating nature

Lots of eyelash serum for growth is available in the market. Due to use of the serum, faster and extensive growth of eyelashes can be noticed.

Presence of chemical can be found within them. Some of the serums may make your eyelash weak also. If an extension is placed over a poor base then fallout can be guaranteed.

Similar to some food for the body that causes allergy, you may also avoid parabens, prostaglandin, sulfates and phthalates to get rid of irritations and side effects.

Products like neuLash Lash Enhancing Serum can be used at the time.

Store some conditioning primer

Breakage in the eyelashes can be seen due to dryness. In order to reduce the amount of risk, conditioning primer can be utilized in addition to mascara that helps to revitalize the lashes.

Look for eyelashes of high quality

There is no doubt in the fact that you can get long eyelashes with fake extension easily. Dramatically, length of lashes can be increased in the process. However, every extension may not come with same quality. Heavy materials are used by the low quality brands. As a result, natural lashes may be pushed down at the time. For desired results, lightweight extension without latex must be used from well known brand.

Solution of your problem regarding how to get long eyelashes can be obtained in the process.

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