Types of Body Fat – Good and Bad

Most of people like to have a fit body without any presence of fat. However, they may not able to achieve it in a natural way. Therefore, procedures like cool-sculpting and liposuction is often utilized. Subcutaneous fat can be eliminated from the body with these processes easily. However, more than subcutaneous fat can be seen in the body. There are several other types of body fat that can be located in different parts of the body.

While thinking about fat, you may think about some additional cushion that can be found in your stomach. Fat can be considered as a troublesome thing that cannot be eliminated within a week through workout in the gym. By using fat, energy is stored that may be used for the proper regulation of the metabolism system. Effects of diverse types of body fat can be seen in different ways within body.

In order to lose weight, you need to look at the nature of your fat first. Later on, measures can be taken based on this factor.

Brown Fat

The term brown fat is relatively new. In the past, scientists have not given enough thought on the issue. However, things have changed now. It can be looked as a good fat which can be noticed especially in the shoulder and neck. Brown fat may not be visible when you look through the mirror at all. Deposition of brown fat can be noticed in the spine and chest of young people as well.  Storage of this fat can be observed deep inside your body especially in nerve membranes, bone marrow and other important organs. 1% of the brown body fat can be found. Function of the brown fat is similar to a muscle.

Beige Fat

Recent discovery of this kind of fat has been seen. Combination of white and brown fat can be noticed on the occasion. Spine and collarbone is especially filled with this kind of fat. Similar function of brown fat can be encountered at the time also. Based on the external stimuli, metabolism may act. However, origin of beige fat is pretty different from the brown fat.

In case the body is made mostly with the white fat which is considered as a bad fat. Due to cold or stress, this kind of fat can be seen especially. Through exercise daily, white fat can be transformed in to beige fat.

Beige fat is considered good. According to the researchers, beige fat may be utilized in the future for the treatment of obesity.

White Visceral Fat

Now, it is time to explain a bad fat. Among the types of body fat, it is made from adipose tissue that is really unhealthy. Basically two forms of this fat can be found. One is known as subcutaneous and other one is visceral.  One of the major reasons for fat storage is producing energy. Protein can be released in the blood stream as well.

Visceral is worst possible form of fat which can be found within abdominal cavity especially that is enclosed with the major organs such as pancreas, heart and liver. Detection of this kind of fat is pretty difficult. Belly fat is mostly seen at the time.

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