Yoga Techniques for Beginners

For a beginner in the world of yoga, it may be necessary to learn some yoga techniques. In this way, you may become comfortable while trying yoga poses whether you are at your home or training center.

Everything cannot be noted down at once.  More than 300 poses of yoga can be found which is generally known as asana.  It is possible to walk in the right direction with the use of effective yoga techniques according to your requirement. For minimum 5 to 10 breaths, these yoga poses must be tried in the beginning. Program or routine can be planned for the beginners certainly.

If you are just starting yoga then you can try these poses below.  It is not necessary to try the poses exactly as it has been said. Importance must be given preference of body. Later on, poses can be modified also.

Mountain Pose

One of basic standing posture of yoga is mountain pose as it tells you how to stay on your feet in order to feel ground underneath. By looking at the pose, you may think that it is as simple as standing on your feet. However, different kinds of things may happen through you body that you may not be aware of at all.

Method:  By standing on your feet, ten toes must be pressed downward and later on it must be opened. Quadriceps must be engaged at the time in order to lift the knee caps. It is better to elevate it till your upper thighs. During this time, abdomen must be tucked in and chest must be lifted. Shoulder top must be pressed down. Shoulder blades must come close. Palm must be placed inward. It may look like a string that has drawing head towards the ceiling. In this   position, breath must be held for minimum 5 times. If you use proper yoga techniques then success is guaranteed.

Facing Dog Downward

One of the common poses of yoga is facing dog downward. Entire body can be stretched and strengthen in the process. Due to practice of this pose, you may able to stay away from the physician for extended amount of time.

Method: Yoga techniques must be applied at the time. By coming to position like all fours with knees and shoulders are placed underneath the hips, toes must be tucked in whereas hips must be lifted.

Slight bent of the knees can be noticed at the time in case of tight hamstring. Legs can be straightened also. However, hips must be kept back. Hands must be stretched as much as possible to cover more length.

Palms must be pressed completely while inner elbows are toward each other. Abdominal must be hollowed out. Leg engagement is essential to move the torso in the direction of thigh once again. The position can be continued up to 5 to 8 breaths before giving rest to your knee and hand.

Mentioned above two techniques are basic poses. For learning advanced steps, you need to make your body flexible. Practice is necessary in order to achieve results.

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