Benefits of green tea for skin

For centuries in China, use of green tea can be noticed for medicinal purpose. From mere headache to depression can be treated with the assistance of green tea. Now-a-day, green tea is consumed in several parts of planet for its innumerable amount of health benefits. Presence of amino acids, anti-oxidants, photochemicals and other kinds of enzymes ensure benefits of green tea for skin. In addition, folate, Vitamin B, manganese, potassium, caffeine and magnesium can be found also.

List of skin benefits associated with the consumption of green tea is quite huge. Advantages of green tea can be noticed in enhancing beauty of a person. Beauty mask made from the green tea may be quite effective on the occasion. By drinking green tea daily as a beverage, some beneficial results can be obtained also.

Beauty benefits of green tea

  1. Improving complexion of the skin

Healthy skin can be obtained with the help of green tea. Toxins can be eliminated from the skin completely. Therefore, blemishes and scars may not be seen at all. Inflammation can be reduced at the same time. Elasticity of the skin may go through a sea change also.

Through a study by Medical school of Georgia in the year 2003, it has been proved that skin rejuvenation is possible with the help of green tea. For healing wounds and skin diseases, you can use green tea also.

  • How to make a face mask with green tea for skin?

By cutting two bags of green tea, the content inside can be mixed with honey (2tsp). Some lemon juices can be added at the time also. Later on, it can be applied on your face for about 10 minutes to enjoy the benefits of green tea for skin. Now, the mask can be rinsed with the assistance from lukewarm water. It is a mask that can be used for minimum two times in a span of a week.

  1. Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes can be reduced

Lot of tannins and anti-oxidants can be found in green which may help you to get rid of dark circles easily. Puffy eyes may not be encountered at all. Blood vessels are shrunk in the process that can be found around the eyes especially. As a result, decrease in the amount of puffiness and swelling can be noticed.

Vitamin K can be found in green tea which helps to eliminate the dark circles. For this purpose, following method can be utilized.

For about 30 minutes, two bags of green tea can be retained in the refrigerator. Now, the tea bags can be placed over your eyelids. During this time, eyes must be closed. In this position, you can relax for about 15 minutes. By using this green tea remedy daily, you may able to get satisfactory results.

  1. Working on aging signs

Everyone is aware of anti-aging and anti-oxidants features of green tea. Due to use of green tea, aging signs over skin may not be seen at all. Issues like fine wrinkles, lines, age spots, sun damage and sagging skin can be avoided in the process. Free radical of harmful nature can be neutralized as a result of polyphenols in green tea. These free radicals are often reason behind an accelerated process of aging. Skin cancer can be prevented with the use of this element also.

  • Face mask with green tea for anti-aging


  1. In 3:1 ratio, yogurt and leaves of green tea must be mixed on the occasion. Some turmeric can be added at the time also. Now, it can be applied over neck and face. For about 20 minutes, the mask must sit on your skin. Later on, it can be cleaned with the help of lukewarm water.
  2. By mixing matcha green tea and water, a paste can be made. In case of dry skin, little bit of coconut can be added to the paste. Now, you must apply it on your face. The paste must be dried completely before rinsing it off with water. In this way, advantages of green tea can be obtained.
  3. Treating Pimples and Acne

For pimple and acne green tea works as a magic solution as it is filled with anti-bacterial elements. Bacteria can be fought effectively in the process. Hormonal imbalances within the body can be managed with the help of catechins. It can be looked as one of the main reasons of attracting acne also.

Inflammation and redness can be treated as a result of anti-inflammatory properties of green tea easily.

  • Solution with green tea for treating acne

Both green tea and water must be brewed fresh. Now, the solution can be applied with the help of cotton ball over the affected area. It must be kept in the place for 10 minutes. Now, it can be rinsed. To get rid of blemishes, acne green tea solution can be utilized certainly.

  1. Green tea as skin toner

Sometime, utilization of green tea can be observed as a toner also. Impurities can be extracted from the face in due course. The pores can be reduced at the same time. Healthy glow of skin can be ensured. Hydration of the skin can be achieved also.

  • Solution with green tea for hydrating skin

Some fresh green tea must be brewed at the time. Now, it must be cooled for some time. Essential oil must be dropped in the solution. In a spray bottle, the solution can be kept for use. So, the toner can be sprayed on your face. Cotton ball can be used at the time also.

The method is also beneficial for the people with rosacea and psoriasis or other skin conditions.

  1. Development of hair can be stimulated

Due to anti-oxidant in green tea, growth of the hair can be promoted. DHT is blocked on the occasion that causes hair loss. New hair may be grown at the time also. Common issues related to the hair such as dandruff and dry scalp can be treated with the process too.

  • How to boost development of hair?

Following to hair wash, you must rinse the hair properly. Now, fresh concoction of green tea must be applied on the hair. The process must be continued for about 10 minutes. Later on, the hair must be washed with cold water. To see the result, this green tea remedy must be applied for minimum two months.

In addition, green tea can be drunk for minimum two to three times in a day.

  1. Protecting from Sun Damage

Harmful damage of UV rays on skin can be kept at bay with the use of green tea. Polyphenols, tannic acid and thebromine can be found in green tea which is really great for the sun burnt skin. Effect of sun damage can be neutralized in the process.  Through a study, it has been found out that EGCG in green tea can prevent skin cancer which is also known as melanoma.

To stay away from sun damage and enjoy the benefits of green tea for skin, you can brew minimum 3 cups of fresh green tea and placed it in the refrigerator. Dipping a soft cloth into the solution, you can apply it on the affected area gently. Redness and pain can be relieved with the application of the solution minimum two times daily.

  1. Obtain Shiny Hair

Hair can be made strong and healthy by using green tea. Shiny hair for a long time can be obtained in the process. Damage in the hair that occurs due to pollution can be avoided. Issues related to harsh product may not be seen at the time also. Conditioning of the hair can be done with the help of Vitamin C and E in green tea.

  • Solution with green tea for sleek hair

Some tea bags must be kept within hot water for at least an hour. Now, tea bags can be removed. The solution must be made cool now. Hair must be dampen through use of cold water and rinse it with the above solution. It is better to keep the solution in the hair for 10 minutes. Later on, you can wash off your hair with shampoo. Cool water must be used at the time to lock the shine properly.

  1. Shrinking open pores

Advantages of green tea can be noticed in decreasing open pores as well. Lot of anti-oxidant and astringent can be found in green tea. By using green tea, pores can be shrunk which may be clogged otherwise due to accumulation of dirt, dust and oil. Bacterial infection may be observed as a result. Tight and smooth skin can be guaranteed with the process.

  • Face mask with green tea for open pores

Strong green tea must be cooled. Now, some tea and bentonite clay can be added in order to make a smooth paste. The paste can be spread over the face now. For the tightening of the pores, the paste must be dried. Through gentle scrub, it can be removed while using warm water. Toxins can be flushed by drinking green tea daily also.


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