How much green tea should I drink in a day?

By drinking green tea, you may feel refreshed and light. Lots of health benefits of drinking green tea can be found. Risk of heart diseases can be reduced in addition to cancer. However, green tea must be drunk in certain way to obtain maximum advantage from the process. Now, it is also important to know how much green tea you must drink daily. Some caffeine can be found in green tea. However, caffeine works as a natural stimulant here. Now, let’s look at the daily green tea consumption.

How much green tea you must drink daily?

Based on the recommendation of Harvard Health Publication, it can be said that you can benefitted with few cups daily of green tea. Normally, it is possible to drink minimum three cups of green tea to enjoy its advantages over skin and health.

Polyphenols can be found in an activated form within green tea. Therefore, researchers from the University of Maryland have suggested a daily consumption of maximum 320 mg of polyphenols. Therefore, limit of green tea cups has been restricted to three. Brands of tea may play an important role here as well.

Reasons to drink green tea

Benefits of drinking green tea are mainly related to your health. For centuries, the beverage is used in the same manner. Popularity of green tea has not reduced over the years at all. On the contrary, more and more people are using it now-a-days. Flavonoids in high content can be found in green tea. Different types of plant chemicals are located in the process that is extracted mostly from vegetables and fruits. It can be looked as an excellent source of antioxidant that helps to strengthen the immune system. Flavonoid filled food is always good for the prevention of several medical condition such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

High amount of catechins can be located in the green tea at the same time. It is also a part of flavonoid. The element is surely more effective than Vitamin E and C. Damage in the cell as a result of oxidation can be stopped in the process too.

One of the greatest advantages of drinking green tea daily is that it helps you stay healthy and safe. It gives you a lot of good cholesterol. In the process, functioning of the artery can be improved also. According to a study, risk of hypertension can be decreased by 65% with the consumption of green tea daily.

How can you acquire optimum from green tea?

If your daily consumption of green tea is about three cups then you may on the right path. Maximum amount of benefit can be obtained from the process. Most of the required amount of anti-oxidant for body can be acquired from green tea. Plant compound of healthful nature can be absorbed by the body completely. In most of the cultures where drinking green tea is a habit, you may observe a regular intake three cups. However, it is better to use a cup on the occasion instead of a mug.

Powerful catechins can be brought out of green tea by steeping it for minimum three minutes. Most of the nutritional benefits from green tea can be obtained when it has been brewed fresh. In case of bottled product, lesser amount of healthful benefits can be seen.

What may happen with overconsumption?

If more than required amount of green tea is consumed then some effect over the body can be noticed. Due to consumption of small amount, positive impact of caffeine content in green tea can be observed. However, excessive amount can cause some trouble in due course. On the occasion, side effects like heartburn, heartbeat of irregular nature, irritability, sleeplessness, confusion and dizziness can be experienced. Difference in caffeine content can be found with each brand. Through a cup of green tea, you may consume about 100 mg of caffeine. So, you must not intake more than 5 cups ever in a day. Permissible amount of caffeine content regularly can be about 300mg according to the expert.  As a   result of overconsumption, osteoporosis can be encountered which enhances calcium amount that may be lost through your urine.

Is it too good?

Tons of good things can be ensured with green tea. It is an herb. Therefore, it may obstruct the ways of absorbing iron that can be found especially from vegetables and fruits. If milk and lemon can be added to the drink then problems can be evaded. By drinking green tea between the meals, issues can be solved also. Some side effects can be noticed as a result of active substances connected to this herb also. Therefore, it is better to talk to a physician before mixing any herb to your brew.

Due to caffeine content in green tea, some dizziness and irritability can be felt sometime.  By drinking green tea excessively, you may like to vomit. Abdominal spasm can be felt at the time also. Caffeine poisoning can be experienced also this time. Therefore, it may be necessary to reduce consumption of caffeinated drink.

Comparing decaffeinated green tea and caffeinated version

If you are too sensitive to caffeine then there is good news for you as decaffeinated green tea has been made available now. So, you can easily drink some caffeine free green tea before going to bed at night. During extraction of caffeine from green tea, some health compound may be removed also. Still, lots of benefits can be guaranteed from this decaffeinated drink.

Flavonol content found in regular tea is from minimum 21.2 mg to maximum 103.2 mg. In case of a green tea in decaffeinated form, you may get from 4.6mg flavonoid to 39.0mg of flavonoid.

Through daily consumption of green tea, weight loss is possible also. In a study, it has been noticed that overweight men can lose substantial amount of weight in the process.

Green tea can be looked as a healthy beverage whether it has been found in decaffeinated or caffeinated form. Benefit of green tea can be enjoyed throughout the day. Intake of sugar laden soda and high caloric drink in addition to fruit drink can be avoided also.

Caffeine in green tea depends on the steep time on most occasions. Therefore, you must take your decision based on this factor.

When You Should Drink Green Tea?

Based on the purpose of drinking green tea, timing can be decided. Green tea can be consumed for diverse reasons. Use of green tea for weight loss can be noticed at the time also. Some may consume green tea for its anti-oxidant properties also. Through following processes, you can drink green tea daily.

For obtaining anti-oxidant

By drinking green tea between two meals, optimum absorption of anti-oxidant from green tea may be possible. In the beginning, the amount of catechins must be decided. Through catechins, lot of anti-oxidant can be guaranteed. Reaction with the casein may not be noticed at all. Casein is an element that is found especially in milk and animal protein. If there is a reaction then efficiency of the green tea may be reduced.

Digestion of non-heme iron and calcium is generally inhibited by green tea. Therefore, anemic people may suffer from issues. Macronutrient absorption may be affected at the time also. Therefore, green must be consumed minimum couple of hours before or after a meal.

For weight loss

Through couple of methods, it is possible lose weight with green tea. Rate of metabolism can be boosted in the process. In case of using green tea for weight loss, prohibition on the fat absorption can be noticed also. On the occasion, green tea can be taken along with the food. However, the method must be avoided with a sensitive stomach. Secretion of additional gastric acid is possible with green tea as it comes with alkaline. For losing weight, oolong tea can be taken also along the fatty food. Lipid secretion can be boosted at the time too. In this way, you can drink green tea. However, some amount of moderation may be required at the time.

Eliminating any side effects

To avoid any kind of adverse effect with green tea, it must not be consumed early in the morning. It is better not to drink green with empty stomach as well. Dehydration can be experienced as a result of caffeine in the drink. Gastric acid stimulation can be noticed at the time also. It may lead of ulcer or stomach upset as well. According to the belief of Chinese medicinal practice, coldness is felt by stomach and lung by drinking on empty stomach.

During meal time, green tea must be avoided also as it cause hindrance in the path of absorbing thiamin. Due to lack of vitamin B1 in the body, a disease called Beri Beri can be noticed.

So, the bottom line is that you can drink three cups of green daily without much hassle. However, try to avoid overconsumption of green tea at any cost. In the process, best possible results with the consumption of green tea can be noticed also.

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