Meal Plan for Beginners with Keto Diet

Ketogenic Diet helps to burn fat easily as it is a combination of low carbohydrate and high fat diet. Through these diets, you may want to gain energy and lose weight. Ketogenic diet is very popular. However, it may not be easy to do a meal plan for beginners with Keto Diet. High amount of fat cannot be processed by most of the people. Carbohydrate based diet is mostly loved by the people. Success can be ensured with the Keto Diet. Now, it is important to know what kind of food you must eat.

Look at a Keto Meal Plan

Planning is very important to follow a Keto diet. Beginning and end point of the diet must be fixed always. Food required for the pantry must be decided at the time also. Both snacks and meal option must be checked. Dietary supplements are also a must in addition to proper food. One of the reasons behind failing a ketogenic diet according to expert is the lack of choices with the food items. People are always inclined towards food with high amount of carbohydrates. In spite of good intention, they may go towards the carbs.

Help from the dietician can be taken in order to make a meal plan for beginners with Keto Diet. It is better to talk with the doctors on the occasion also. Metabolic energy changes completely with this kind of diet. Blood tests must be done before starting the diet to know about cholesterol and Vitamin D level of the body. Due to keto diet for a long time, issues of nutritional deficiency and high level of cholesterol can be seen. However, ketogenic diet is never a permanent option.

Time and Quantity of Food

Tracking of food may not be required with the ketogenic diet. As the body is filled with protein as well as fat, you must not keep a calorie count. However, calorie count can be maintained if you want also. There is no rule regarding calorie count on the occasion. However, right amount of macronutrient can be taken with the proper tracking of food intake. In most occasions, Keto diet is comprised of 70% of fat and 20% of protein in addition to 10% carbs.

Time of eating is made based on the preference of people. However, it has been recommended by the experts to consume minimum three to four meals in a day. Mix of protein and fat may be important at the time also.  Satisfaction and energy can be offered in the process.  Instead of three big meals, you can have 5 to 6 small meals per day as well. It is always better to follow a comfortable regime.

In the beginning of meal plan for Beginners with Keto Diet, the amount of exercise must be reduced. By reducing the exercise, it becomes easy to deal with the diet. Utilization of carb cycle may be important in case you are following an intense workout schedule. However, the amount of carbs must be decreased 30% at the time.

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