Carbohydrate for weight loss

Issues with the carbohydrate are observed while following a diet. It is especially true in case of women. It is believed that carbs like bread and pasta are not good for health at all as it comes with a lot of fat. Still, carbohydrate for weight loss can be used.

Requirement of carbohydrate is felt by body for the production of energy. If you deprive your body from necessary amount of carbohydrate then perks of weight loss may not be seen. However, right types of carbohydrates must be taken on the occasion. It is always better to consume carbohydrate that is rich in nutrient. In a carbohydrate item of 100 calories, it is necessary to find minimum 2gms of fiber. Breaking of fiber happens very slowly. Due to this reason, you may feel full for longer amount of time.

Following things can be eaten as a carbohydrate even if you want to lose weight.


Suggestion has been offered by the Swedish researchers that hunger can be fought quite effectively with the help of barley. Slow rise in blood sugar level can be noticed at the time. Popularity of pearled barley can be seen. Healthy nutrient can be found more with the barley as it is devoid of hull. Through mere single serving, you may able to get 25% fiber that is required daily.

Green Peas

Minimum 12% of zinc can be seen with peas (1/2 cup). Peas can fight with the cold in best possible manner. Boosting of leptin can be seen that is responsible for hunger reduction in the process. If the stomach is full then an alert is generally given to your brain.

Pasta made from Whole wheat

Carbohydrate for weight loss can be found in the form of whole wheat pasta. By consuming high amount of whole grain, it is possible to decrease the amount of BMI. Three serving may be essential on the occasion. Due to this kind of diet, it may be possible to get a thin waist. However, the noodle may provide about 200 calories at the time. For a balanced meal, it is important to have carbohydrate that is nutrient rich.

Acorn squash

Lots of fiber can be found with winter squash especially acorn squash. Through hubbard, you may find a little more amount of fiber. However, it may not be easy to find in the market at all.

Bread whole wheat

Similar to pasta, bread made with whole wheat is healthier than white bread. So, you can easily consume sandwiches and French toast now. Labels must be read in order to find a whole wheat bread. Package must say “100% wheat” on the occasion.


Through use of beans, it is possible to ensure weight loss. Bean is a carbohydrate that may not boost your waist line at all. Therefore, obesity risk can be decreased by 23%. Diverse range of fiber can be found with different forms of beans.

Above food items in diet can be used as a carbohydrate for weight loss.

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