Easy ways to cut down sugar from diet

If you want to reduce your sugar intake then it is better to keep a track on consumption. Lifestyle of healthy nature can be ensured in the process too. Controlling sugar is essential especially if you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes. In case of empty sugar from drinks, candy and desserts, weight gain can be noticed also. Increase in the level of blood glucose is generally seen at the time. So, what are the ways to cut down sugar?

Reduce the amount of sweetness

Sweet biscuits such as Oreo must not be taken in bunch and it is not right to coke regularly. If above things are not in  your diet event then sugar  content can be found of which you may not be aware of at all. Sugar may be consumed by you without your knowledge. There are some foods that may not taste sweet in spite of high amount of sugar in it such as condiments, bread and sauces.

According to the reports, about six teaspoons of sugar is taken by a woman every day. Due to high amount of sugar in diet, decay in teeth can be noticed. You may also suffer from heath disease, weight gain and diabetes. Tips from the experts must be given importance to know ways to cut down sugar.

  • Reading food labels

Ingredient list must be checked while buying a product from the market. In this way, you may able to realize how much sugar is actually included in your food. In the food like crackers, tomato sauce and even salad dressing, presence of food can be found. If there is lot of sugar in a food then it must be avoided.

  • Know about sugar pseudonym

During a look at the food label, you may need to notice more than the simple word “sugar”. On several occasion, presence of sugar is hidden under other names such as dried cane syrup or sucrose. These ingredients may be listed separately to fool you. In case of a healthy food like cereal and yogurt also, different types of sweetener can be found. Due to presence of diverse types of sugar in a food item, it must be considered not healthy as it looks.

  • Go for unsweetened products

Changes can be made if you are aware about the location of hidden sugar. So, you can buy completely unsweetened products. Version of unsweetened nature of same product can be found easily in the market. It is better to buy nut butter, soy and almond that have only nut and salt.

  • Never chose cold Turkey

Most of people may not feel that it is a realistic plan to cut down sugar completely. However, it may be possible to reduce the amount of sugar from your daily intake slowly. Instead of using two spoons of sugar in coffee, you may start to try one spoon for some time. Later on, it can be reduced to half also. Little bit of milk can be added at the time. In case of yogurt, you can combine sweetened and plain yogurt first. Gradually, you may try to add sweetness to your yogurt naturally through fruits.

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