Exercise is the least important thing for weight loss

Some of the expert trainer may tell you that you do not need to exercise everyday for weight loss. For the purpose of sculpting body, some other methods can be tried also. Different approach can be taken for burning calories and maintaining shape of the body as well.

Generally, 168 hours are seen in a week. Among these 168 hours, you may do exercise for about minimum 2 days to maximum 5 days in a week. If an exercise regime is chosen for two hours then you may be spending only 5% of your time in the gym. Remaining 95% time, other kinds of works are done. Therefore it is essential to spend 95% of your time effectively as well.

Due to above reasons, some tools must be offered. Habits outside the gym matter the most. In between the process of weight loss, a person may try to quit also. Therefore, it is essential for a trainer to motivate the person properly. In this way, goals can be reached without much hassle. Instant results within a few days cannot be obtained ever. Through longer duration of the training, success achieved can be retained.  Even before stepping foot in the gym, you must do certain things.

Get Moving

There is no need to go to the gym for about two weeks in the beginning. However, you must move constantly. Devices like Fitbit can be offered on the occasion for proper tracking of the efforts. Minimum 10,000 to 12,000 steps must be taken in a day. Later on, it can be increased up to 14,000 steps.

Goals must be set for weight loss. In spite of avoiding crowded gym, excellent results can be obtained. According to the experts, lot of importance is given to gym activities instead of daily activities. However, it is necessary to walk for sometime before you may lift weight.

If the movement is maintained in the first couple of weeks in training then you may feel light and healthy as you enter in the gym. Through simple workout regime, effective results can be achieved. Combination of exercises for lower, upper and abs must be chosen on the occasion. Cycling can be looked as a good option at the time also. By spending mere 20 minutes to 25 minutes in the gym, benefit can be seen in the long run.

Diet must be changed

For weight loss, it is very important to alter your diet. Five days in the beginning, you can consume two snacks and three smoothies only. In the next five days, you can have solid dinner with mere single dish instead of your smoothie. Soups, salads, stir fry; sandwich and sushi can be included in this dinner only.

Both appetite and digestion process can be reset with the process. During this time, it is better to eat something delicious, nutritious and filling.

Sleep well

Sleep takes up ¾ of the life. Therefore, enough focus must be given on the subject. Quality sleep is essential. Otherwise, gain in the weight may be noticed.

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