Foods for weight loss

Every food comes with different calorie quotient. Metabolic path may be diverse on the occasion also. Level of hunger, hormone and caloric burn may be different at the time. Through research, it is possible to find food for weight loss.

 Whole Eggs

Previously, it has been thought that whole egg has a lot of cholesterol. Therefore, it must be avoided. However, comeback has been made by whole eggs some time back.

Through studies, it has been found out that adverse effect may not fall on cholesterol level with the consumption of whole egg. Heart attacks may not be caused by them.  Instead, eggs may help you to reduce your weight.

Lots of food for weight loss can be found. Due to abundance of choices, you may feel lost. Protein content in egg is quite high. Presence of healthy fat may able to fill your stomach perfectly. However, caloric count of egg may not be too high.

By eating eggs instead of bagel for breakfast, a person may eat lesser amount of food in the coming 36 hours. Through a study for 8 weeks, it has been noticed that weight loss is possible with egg during breakfast instead of bagel in addition to a diet of calorie restricted nature.

Being a nutrition dense product, eggs may offer you the entire set of nutrient that are required for sustenance of your body. More amount of nutrient can be found from the yolk.

Leafy Greens

Swiss Chards, collard, kale and spinach are leafy green that may help in the process of weight loss. Different kinds of properties can be found from these vegetables. Lesser amount of calories and carbohydrate can be obtained from leafy veggies. On the other hand, loads of fiber has been infused in the vegetables.

Through use of vegetables, portion of meals can be increased. However, calorie content may not be increased at the time. If a meal is consisted of low energy density then lesser amount of calories can be consumed in coming days.

High amount of nutrition can be guaranteed with the leafy vegetables in addition to the minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Calcium in the food may help to burn fat also.


Use of salmon is often seen as a food for weight loss. Being an oily fish, it is considered extremely healthy.  Satisfying experience can be ensured with the consumption of salmon. It fills your stomach perfectly. Both fat and protein in high content in addition to essential nutrient can be obtained from this ingredient.

Requirement of iodine in the body can be fulfilled with seafood and fish easily. For proper functioning of thyroid, supply of nutrient is necessary. Optimum run of metabolism system can be ensured with the process too.

Salmon is usually recognized by the expert for its storage of Omega 3 fatty acid especially. Chances of inflammation can be reduced due to presence of the fatty acid. Therefore, salmon is considered good for the cure of metabolic disease and obesity also.

For the same reason, sardines, mackerel, herring and trout can be eaten.

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