Healthy Foods That You Can Eat to Maintain Fitness Level

Different kinds of diets can be found that helps in the process of weight loss and fitness.  Fads like crash diet may help you to lose weight. However, it may not be good for your health at all. Therefore, healthy foods must be tried instead. Balance diet must be maintained at every given occasion.  Following foods can be utilized to reach your goals regarding health and fitness. Through surveys in the countries of Westerns Europe, Africa and United States, these foods have been found beneficial.

Nuts, grains and pulses

High amount of nutrition can be offered to the body through use of pulses, nuts and grains.

  • Almonds

Nutrient high almonds are filled with vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, iron, riboflavin and fiber. It becomes possible to maintain cholesterol level with the assistance from these nuts. Snacks can be made with almonds and it will be definitely very good for your heart. In addition, if you follow a balanced diet then more beneficial results can be ensured. From almonds, more fiber can be obtained in comparison to other kinds of tree nuts.

  • Brazil Nuts

In most occasions, inclusion of health foods in diet is more important than doing exercise or lifting weights. So, Brazil nut can be utilized for health and fitness quite naturally. Brazil nuts are often recognized as chestnuts as well that is grown normally northern part of Brazil. Lots of carbohydrates and protein can be found in this type of nut. They have been often considered as a food item that provides enough amount of Vitamin E, magnesium and zinc. Reserve of selenium can be seen with Brazil nuts as well. Due to presence of selenium, it becomes easy to maintain functionality of thyroids.

Hard shell is noticed in these kinds of nuts. However, it can be found easily in readymade packets which have made it a nutritious and healthy choice of snack.


Uses of lentils can be seen in diverse ranges of cuisines in different parts of world. It is widely utilized in South East Asia.  There is no doubt that lentils are healthy foods. Cooking time for lentils is relatively high. However, it can be consumed them in the forms of sprouted seeds as well. Delicious nature of the lentil has made it a popular snack option. Lentils can be made part of the picnic basket and lunchbox. Little bit of flavoring is generally added through pepper and chili powder.


Health benefits of oatmeal are acknowledged by people more in the last two decades. Through research, it has been noticed that soluble fiber with the cereal manages to decrease the cholesterol level effectively. Benefits in cardiovascular health have been recognized by experts also. Healthy foods like oatmeal are perfect for a diet with low fat. It can be looked as a reason behind increasing popularity of oatmeal as well.

Complex carbohydrates are located within oatmeal that also comes with fiber of water soluble nature. Therefore, issues with digestion may not be noticed. Blood glucose level can be stabilized in the process too.


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