How much weight can be lost in a month?

For proper weight management, it may be important to know how much weight can be lost in a month. By some professional, loss of 20 pounds may be promised in a span of four weeks. It is an alluring thought without any doubt. Before a special event such as wedding, school reunion or a special date, you may want to shred some extra kilos. Quick and easy fix regarding weight loss must be avoided at every given occasion. However, it is possible to plan a healthy weight loss program and drop some extra kilos in a month.

By finding answer to some questions, you may able to know how much weight can be lost in a month. According to experts, it is possible to lose about 10 pounds through a healthy process. To lose about one pound, you need to burn at least 3500 calories. In case of two pounds, the calorie count may go up to 1000 calories. So, it becomes necessary to decrease calorie consumption while eating. In addition, you may have to exercise more to burn calorie faster.

However, effectiveness of the process can be ensured if you are using a low calorie diet for a considerable amount of time. Lot of the calorie accumulation is also necessary at the time. It is important to maintain a food journal while following a low calorie diet. Mobile app can be utilized at the time also. Every bite consumed must be recorded in the journal. Patterns of food can be known in the process which can be really beneficial for the dieter in the long run. It has been observed that dieter may eat more when they are under a lot of stress. As a result, extra calories may be put on. Losing 1000 calories everyday may not be easy at all. Importance must be given on the small changes on the occasion. By following some strategies, solutions can be obtained.

For calorie burn through exercise in the gym, you must give more focus to moderate exercise. It must be practiced for minimum 5 days in a week. Speed of exercise, gender and weight may play a role to decide the amount of weight loss. Duration of the exercise must be taken under consideration also. If a person is weighted around 150m pounds then following exercises can be done to lose considerable amount of weight within stipulated time.

  • By running on the treadmill for about 20 minute with the speed of 6mph then 229 calories can be lost.
  • Elliptical workout must be done for 30 minutes to lose 179 calories.
  • Breast stroke while swimming may help you on the occasion too. It may ensure a loss of 189 calories.
  • 30 minutes of kickboxing may lead to 357 calorie loss.

In addition to exercise, some diet plan must be followed.  For loss of 20 pounds in 4 weeks you have to push yourself further. Strict regime of workout must be followed at the time. You must eat as little as possible at the time.

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