Is salmon good for weight loss?

In the menu for weight loss, Salman certainly deserves a position. However, benefits of salmon cannot be ensured unless you are following a controlled calorie diet. Regular exercise regime must be followed at the time also. So, is salmon good for weight loss? Some extra calories can be shredded certainly with the consumption of salmon. c Lots of protein can be found in this food ingredient also. Omega-3 fatty acid in Salmon may boost the process of weight loss also.

Reasonable calories and nutrition

Even at the time of cutting calories, it is important to maintain nutrient level of the body. Salmon is especially great on this aspect. Filled with nutrient, Salmon is not too high on the calorie count. Through a serving of 3 ounce, it is possible to obtain minimum 118 calories to maximum 144 calories. Source of vitamin B12, B6, selenium and niacin can be found in Salmon. Vitamin D can be consumed with Salmon also which may not be found easily from any other food product. 64% of required Vitamin D can be acquired from it easily.

Lean Protein

Through consumption of protein, weight loss is possible. Stomach can be filled for longer amount of time in due course. Level of blood sugar may not be increased at all that often controls your hunger level. 40% of protein requirement can be satisfied with mere 3 ounces of salmon in case of you have been consuming about 2000 calories every day. Sockeye and Coho can be considered best on the occasion as it comes with 6 grams and 4 grams of fat content only.

Using fish oil to lose weight

Lot of fish oil can be found from fish oil that is quiet great for the weight loss. Through a study, it has been found that an additional two pounds of weight can be lost with a supplement of fish oil in addition to consumption of fish. So, we can surely tell that Salmon good for weight loss. Body fat can be reduced significantly as a result of fatty acid in Salmon. In the process, you can lose more weight than doing exercise every day.

Be Safe

From studies, it has been found out that you can consume salmon as much as you can. Salmon is quite low on the mercury level. However, some amount of contamination can be noticed with the farmed salmon due to presence of polychlorinated biphenyls in them. Issues with growth in children can be noticed as a result also. It may sometime lead to liver damage or even cancer. Degradation of PCB cannot be seen even. The content is submerged into water to contaminate the fish. Mostly, PCB is found within fatty acid. Therefore, it has been advised by the experts to remove organs, skins and dark fat closer to back bone before consuming Salmon. It is better to boil or bake the fish on the occasion. However, it can be grilled also to get rid of harmful elements.

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