Ways to Burn 500 Calories without Using Weights

Lifting weight may not be a convenient option for you. It is especially difficult for you if the gym is inaccessible.  It is certainly possible to find ways to burn 500 calories without using weights. Bulking up can be avoided in the process certainly while maintaining a lean muscle.

Different kinds of physical activities can be found that helps to get rid of extra calories and weights. Requirement of gym equipment may not be felt at the time also. For caloric burn, you can try these ways.

Measuring the amount of calorie burn

Diverse rates according to nature of an individual can be noticed in case of burning calories to lose weight. Length of the activity may play an important role on the occasion. Therefore, same results may not be encountered by everyone. It is always better to decide on a time that is good enough for your body and calorie loss goals.

One of the important ways to burn 500 calories without using weights is to keep you moving every day. Healthy weight loss can be ensured in this way also. So, there is no need to spend time in the gym.

Following methods can be tried to burn calories   effectively

Long Hike

If you go outside in an energetic mood then it may create a good effect on your process of caloric burn. To go for a hike, you may not have to spend a lot of money. Skills may not be required on the occasion also. However, enjoyment may be a key factor on the occasion.

By staying outside, you may able to get some Vitamin D that may good for your body. Deficiency of Vitamin D can be found on several occasions now-a-days.

Both flat and steep terrains can be tried for the purpose of hiking. The body can be refreshed in the process too which may not be possible with the gym activity or lifting weights. Uphill hiking is considered best to burn some calories really fast.

Measures of caloric burn can be done. In case you are a person with a weight around 150 pounds then you may have to hike for 6 miles. Elevation gain may not be needed on the occasion.

Based on the level of comfort, the process of hiking can be customized. So, it can be either a Lake Trail or 5000 feet mountain.

Choose an aerobic class

Local gym must be visited for the enrollment into an aerobic class. However, there is no need to work on dumbbells. Calories can be burnt with aerobics easily.

Through a session of aerobic for about 30 minutes, you can eliminate minimum 260 calories. Therefore, it may be possible to reach a mark of 500 calories in an hour. Steps with higher impact must be utilized at the time. Instead of going to a gym, you can workout at home also.

Ride on an Elliptical

Running through an elliptical can ensure a workout for your entire body. Up to 300 calories can be burnt with the use of elliptical for 30 minutes. So, duration of the session must be 45 minutes to get rid of 500 calories.

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