What can be looked as a healthy weight?

Health of a person is often judged based on the people around. Most of the people are quite concerned with their weight. They can be either over weight or under weight. Both the things may create issues for your health and fitness. Therefore, healthy weight must be attained by every individual.

Through different kinds of factors, perfect weight of a person can be decided. These factors are usually comprised of bone density, body type, sex, age, ratio between fat and muscle, height and general health.

Based on the countries, different ideas of healthy weight can be found also. Relatively higher BMI is noticed in the countries like USA and UK in comparison to others. Perfect weight in Netherland may be low for a person living in United States.

Body Mass Index or BMI

Ratio between body mass and height is generally calculated to find BMI and it is often used as a measure for deciding healthy weight. It acts like a guideline for the people that have been trying to reach at their fitness goals. Both muscle mass and height must be known by a person to find their BMI.

For a person who is 1.8 meters in height and weight around 80 then BMI may be 24.69. Several websites can be found that helps to find the BMI of an individual. On the occasion, a person may need to enter height and weight in specified area.

If you have a BMI of 15.9 then you may be considered as thin whereas a BMI of 18.5 is looked as underweight. For a normal weight, you must obtain a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9. BMI of Overweight people is 25 and 29.9. However, obese people may reach at the BMI of 39.9.

Why BMI cannot be only factor for healthy weight?

Measurement of a person may not be taken into consideration. It is possible to encounter same height and weight in two different people like an athlete and normal person. On the occasion, BMI must be the same. Still, diverse measurement can be noticed at the time. Therefore BMI for both people will be same in spite of the fact that one has more muscle than other.

Ratio between Hip and Waist

Circumference of waist and hip is considered at the time. Mostly, collection of fat can be noticed around the waist area. More fat in the waist region can be lead to cardiovascular issue. So, it is better to stay in a pear shape instead apple shape.

To decide about the healthy weight, you must measure narrowest part of the waist. Measurement is taken above the belly button. However, hip measurement is found through widest part of buttocks. Now, a ratio can be found by dividing waist measure with hip measurement.

For men, risk of cardiovascular diseases can be encountered if ratio between waist and hip 0.9. Moderate risk is ensured by 0.99. However, high risk is associated with the number above 1.

0.8 WHR means low risk on health in women. However, higher risk can be seen with above 0.9 WHR.

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